What’s More Fun Than a Foster Kitten?


Meet Little Bear. He and Possum are best friends and they’re very happy to have each other. Little Bear is two weeks behind his sister and he has just been weaned from the bottle. I’ve actually had him for two weeks, but have been dragging my feet on editing pictures. POSSUM & LITTLE BEAR actually sounds like a 70s crime fighting show! Right?

Rowdy is seriously concerned about her reign as “The Queen of Cute” in our house.

No Way these guys are cuter than me!

Mulder tolerates them for short periods of time, but I think his kitten-raisin’ duties are over. He’s getting grumpy in his old age.

Oh Bother…

Possum got her shots today and she only has one more week at my house. If you need a playdate with her and Little Bear you better make it quick. I’m going to miss this funny, sweet, cute little girl. Are you SURE you don’t want to adopt her for your very own? I can make it happen. 🙂

Much More Possum!

We had to travel with our foster kid last week and she was a trooper!

We asked if the hotel was “possum friendly”

She enjoyed the fancy hotel room and was a perfect guest. She used her tiny litterbox like a true princess. After we got home she found a great pillow fort on the couch and she spent a lot of time pretending she was a lion in her “lair”.

Dis my lair.

Possum has taken over our house and our hearts. Everything she does is ADORABLE!

SHHHHHH….kitty sleep zone.

She goes back to the shelter tomorrow to get her shots. I won’t have her much longer so we’re enjoying her while we can. If you would like to adopt this little girl I can help you arrange it. She’s truly a keeper.

Playing Possum

Our little foster girl is growing and getting sweeter by the day. Of course, you can already guess who her favorite person is.

Dis man is nice.

She’s still bottle fed and THIS IS A MAJOR PAIN! I usually con Jim into doing it.


She’s very relaxed most of the time.

Her two favorite toys are this cool stick.

And this weird foot.

I gotta kill dis foot!

For now she lives in the guest bathroom with all the amenities a pampered kitty is used to. She has learned to use her litter box at the tender age of THREE WEEKS!

I bet you couldn’t do that when you were 21 days old!

Possum is accepting a throng of new friends so please don’t hesitate to get some kitten love at your first convenience.

Mr. Andrew is pretty cool!

If you want a fun, sweet, smart little baby girl to add to your family consider adopting Possum. She’s with us for a few more weeks and then will be ready to go to her forever home. Take her for a test drive with no obligations!

MEE-OW that’s a great deal!

Itty Bitty Kitty

I picked up a little bundle from the Humane Shelter last week. She’s two weeks old and very very tiny!

Most of the gang had to inspect the little creature after I got her home.

Not again!
I smell fresh meat!
You better not eat MY food!

She’s all alone and I felt like she could use a friend, so I put one of my Beanie Babies in her box.

The shelter names all of the foster kittens but sometimes the name just doesn’t fit. This kid does not look like an “Ava”.

No Way!

My friend Carol is completely obsessed with this little girl and she came up with a perfect name for this cute little critter.

Everyone…meet POSSUM!

Possum is available daily for snuggles and play fights. Appointments can be made through her foster mommy.

I’m Baaaaaack…

It’s been too long. July 13, 2020 was my last post. I guess COVID put me in a kittybunnychicken coma because I have not felt like recording much since then. The only big thing you missed was that I had to go to Starkville to get my former foster kitty Bobbi. You’ll remember the little girl with the janky tail?

Hi. My name is Bobbi. I have a janky tail, a shaved tummy, and very pretty eyes. I’m soft and I smell like cookies. I am potty trained too and I will let you pet me if you’re very calm and gentle. I’ve had all my shots and surgeries. Please help me find a forever home? Please?

Her owner died and I could not let her to to a shelter. We had a lot of trouble finding her a home (again) but were finally successful. Actually SUCCESSFUL should be the correct word!

Meet Ali. She is a sweet young lady who lives about 45 miles from me. She saw Bobbi on Petfinder and offered her a home. It was rough going at first, but now these two are inseparable. I’m so grateful to this kind girl for recognizing a special kitty who deserves love.

I hit the jackpot baby!

I think I will have a new adventure to write about this week. I’ll just leave you with a tiny hint…

Talk about a teaser!!!

A Fine Bromance

As with all our foster kitties, Rocky has taken a shine to Mr. Mulder.


He’s my hero.

Mulder is mildly irritated by the little hooligan, but he tolerates him enough to let him snuggle up once in a while.


I love him so much.

Rocky has more energy than all four of my couch potato kitties. He played with this ball for 15 minutes and then collapsed in to a little nap.

As I write this, I’m waiting for Layla to come pick Rocky up to take him to her house. She has found a home for him in Nashville and plans to meet his new mommy in Birmingham on Friday for the prisoner exchange. Layla wanted to keep him for a few days so her little boy could have a fun little buddy to play with.

Good luck at your new home Rocky Balboa. We will miss you. 😦

Rocky on Walkabout

Our little Foster kitten has begun to explore his surroundings. He’s getting tamer by the day and lets Jim pick him up and give him love.


Dis guy seems pwetty nice.

The discoloration around his eye and nose is from the skin irritation caused by the conjunctivitis.  That condition is clearing up nicely and his eye drops will be finished by Monday evening. When the skin clears up, Rocky will be even more gorgeous than he is now.

We moved him from the guest bathroom to more luxurious conditions in the office/guest room. He has a comfy couch to destroy with his razor-sharp claws, plus many visitors throughout the day.


These legs are furrier than mine!

He’s even met the foster kitten guru and trainer in residence, Mr. Mulder.


Rule # 1, kid! I’M the boss!

Sessions with Mulder are very thorough and can be quite exhausting!


I need a bweak!

This sweet baby will be ready for adoption by Monday evening. Call or text if you’d like to take Rocky for a test drive. He has very few miles on him and is certified pre-owned by the Burlingame Kitty Rescue & Spa Corporation. 334-207-9561

It’s a BOY!

Our little foster kitten allowed Jim to invade his personal space to find out if he was a girl or boy.


Meet Rocky Balboa

Jim suggested the name because he’s a fighter and he’s very tuff! The vet gave him a very thorough exam (with a very thorough bill) and pronounced him “pretty good”. He has no major maladies or injuries but he does have earmites, conjunctivitis, worms, fleas plus he’s underweight. She thinks he’s approximately 8 weeks old. Jim and I give him eye drops three times a day and ear drops two times a day. After his poop sample was tested, it seems he has another kind of worms and I’m picking up THAT medication today. Rocky is a sweet cat with the potential to be a great pet. He’s shy and skittish, but when we’re able to pull him out of his hidey hole, he purrs like a motorboat while Jim gives him “mandatory love”. If you think you want this little guy in your life and promise to have him neutered and keep him as an INSIDE kitty please give me a ringy-ding.


I promise I’ll be good.

PS, he learned to use his litter box after only one day. I think we have a genius kitten on our hands!

Just When I Thought I Was OUT…

They pull me back in!


This is my neighbor Bobby Jon. He brought me a kitten!

He must have thought I was bored after finally getting all my ducks to the lake. Thanks pal. I really did have too much time on my hands. 🙂

Actually, Bobby Joh’s neighbor Layla has been listening to this stray kitten cry under her house for two days and was finally able to trap it. The little guy said he wanted to come to my house for a while and Bobby Jon obliged.

Jim and I mobilized the Burlingame Kitten Rescue plan and in no time we had him set up in the guest bathroom with food, water, litter box and cubby hole. We have to get to the store for kitten chow, but he wolfed down some grown up kitty food and promptly found a hiding place.


squeezed between the cubby box and the bathtub.

She cried and cried and cried for about an hour until the kitten whisperer came in to have a talk with her and show her how to get IN the box.


Another appearance of Jim’s hiney. Good thing it’s a nice one.

He calmed him/her down and I was later able to catch a cute clip of her.

I’m using both gender pronouns because we don’t know what flavor this one is. It seemed rude to get all up in her bid-ness on her first day here. Jim will “sex” her tomorrow when she has calmed down a bit. Please don’t call the authorities. It’s not how it sounds. 🙂

A final note…Layla writes a wildly popular blog. See it here https://theletteredcottage.net/

I’ll do my best neighbor. After raising five messy ducks in my back yard for two months, this is gonna be a piece of cake!


You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to use this title!

Here’s what went down yesterday. Every morning about about 6:00 I check on the ducks and open the coop so they can forage in the yard and play in their pool. I did this yesterday and they were fine. I went upstairs to finish my coffee and chill.  Later Jim and I got ready to escort them to the lake again, but as we were getting them out of the yard we realized two of them were missing.

The female wood duck and “Blackie” the Mallard/American Black Duck hybrid were gone. Oh well. What could we do?  We walked the remaining three ducks to the lake and stuck around for a while to see if the other two would see them and join them. Nothing happened for about 30 minutes, so we started to walk back home. Lo & behold, just as we were heading back up the street, Blackie swoops over our heads, flying toward the lake like a professional stunt duck.


Somehow Jim managed to capture her in flight.

She landed with a thud and a double somersault in the grass, unhurt but embarrassed. (we didn’t laugh too much) She dusted herself off and waddled over to her buddies. We were sad that one of the wood ducks remained missing but we walked home and the ducks remained near, (but not in) the water.

I spent the rest of the morning a little proud that we had mostly completed our mission, but a little sad that one of our little wood ducks was gone. I decided to take some food to them in case they were missing their regular breakfast of duck chow. I saw the four of them by the waters edge. They were trying to get close to the beautiful white heron (or egret, not quite sure what he is).


Are you a movie star? Can I have your autograph?

The egret waded into the lake AND MY DUCKS FOLLOWED HIM!!! In no time they were swimming and snacking on pond weeds and having a jolly time!

Three other Waters ducks swam up and introduced themselves. My heart was happy. I turned to walk back home and what to I see on the far side of the lake?!?!?


I’m lost. Can you help me find my family?

I sure can girlfriend! I herded her toward the others and since I was by myself it took a long time. But eventually…

I cried happy tears. These guys drove me nuts for two months and I couldn’t WAIT to get rid of them, but I have to admit I was a bit sad to see them on their own. I’m really glad I did this, but I won’t ever do it again. I found out about one month into my duck experience that I was in violation of all kinds of Alabama wildlife regulations. I could have faced a huge fine and even jail time if someone had turned me in. Next spring, when you find a lone baby duck, please just put it in the water as close to other ducks as possible and just say a prayer for his safety. The duck lady has retired. Jim would be pretty mad if I went to jail. Who would clean the litter box?

Thanks to all who kept up with this craziness. It was joy to write about such funny creatures. BTW, I check on them this morning and brought them some food. All five were splashing away happily. They ignored the food and me. 😦

Life is good.