Orange Kitty

Monday with the help of my friend Jill, I trapped a feral cat I have known for years we called “Orange Kitty”. He was a fixture in our neighborhood and he had been a regular on our porch for at least five of them. He learned that we always had good grub and water available, so he came around several times a week to eat and chill on our porch.

I knew he was homeless, but he seemed healthy and I was happy to provide him with meals and shelter. He never threatened our other kitties but he also showed no desire to interact with humans either.

Don’t mind me! I’m a chicken kitty!

We tried to pet him many times but he always shied away. His daily visits consisted of sneaking a snack and a quick rest, and then he disappeared until the next day. It was funny to see his elusive maneuvers around our house.


After Hannah died, her cat Tony came to live with us. We love Tony. He’s a sweet guy, but he is a bit of a bad-ass and is quite territorial. Soon after December of 2015, we stopped seeing Orange Kitty. After years of no contact we assumed the poor guy had died. I was sad, but relieved because I always worried about him and I hated to think of him suffering. About a year ago, we did see him on our porch a few times and I was so sad to see that he had a very bad wound on his neck. At this point I thought we should try to catch him and take him to our vet for medical care, shots and neutering.  We set our animal trap, and after catching a possum twice and Mulder once, we gave up. Again, he disappeared and I assumed he had died.

Then, my neighbor and friend Jill, posted this photo of this cat on our neighborhood FB page.

She wanted to know if anyone had any information on him and that he was fighting neighborhood cats. His neck injury was still there, plus a few other injuries as well. I contacted her and we made a plan to catch him on her porch. I took my trap to her house and set it up with some stinky cat food. The next morning Orange Kitty was inside the trap making sad growling sounds. I knew that this old guy had suffered enough. As I looked close at him thru the cage I could see that he was hurt in so many places.   I called our vet and they agreed to see him immediately.

I was crying of course and very emotional, but I had no conflict about what had to be done. At some point humans have to make a decision for animals that they can’t make themselves.  I signed the papers to have Orange Kitty put to sleep. I asked if they could somehow sedate him gently before they actually gave him the shot so he wouldn’t have to endure any more trauma than necessary. The doc explained that they would first give him gas while he was still in the trap so he wouldn’t have to be pulled out. So he went to sleep in the trap and they took him out and brought him to me while he was still alive but sedated. I got to pet him and talk to him for a while.

He was purring very low. 😦

I can’t be positive about this, but it may have been the only time in his sad life that he had affection from a human being. His fur was dirty and spotted with dried blood. The injury to his neck was beyond description and the doctor told me that he had many broken teeth as well. He assured me that this poor animal needed to be released from this world and that I was doing the right thing. I knew that already, but it helped to hear it from Dr. Fields.  Then they took him in the back again. I brought him home wrapped in a towel. When Jim came home he dug a nice grave for him. Jim has had lots of practice at this sad job, and he takes it seriously. We put our old friend in the ground and said a few words. Rest well Orange Kitty.


Jan 14, 2019

Spring 2014

Thank you Jill. –Deb & Jim




The Boring Bits

I hope this will be the most boring entry in the Burlingame Barbie Dream House saga. It’s about a storm drain, so you might want to curl up right now with your binky and take a short nap. This drain does not have anything specifically to do with the building of our house except for the fact that it will go in our driveway when the carport is poured. Plus it was something that really needed to be done for our adjacent neighbors who have terrible problem with water gushing between their homes and creating a mucky, mushy mesh in their side yard and in front sidewalk area. They’ve been wanting to solve the problem for months, but it was necessary to have our plans solidified so we could figure out where it could originate and exactly what path it would take to the street. (Are you asleep yet?) So…I’ve documented this exciting progression in photos. You’ll want to print these for your refrigerator art, I’m sure.

The white house is  Tracy & Carol, and the yellow house is Martha & Irl.

The drain is going through Tracy’s side yard so they had to dismantle part of his fence and dig a trench all the way to the street. Sorry dude!

The guy we hired to dig this monster is named John. He is an OX in a man’s body! This guy can WORK! And I’m pretty sure his body fat is about 3%.

Message me if you want his contact info. He can do lots of stuff!

Jim’s brother Dave was visiting from Pennsylvania so he put his two cents in about the project.

Glad I don’t have to do this!

To give you some perspective on the location, here is our lot with the Pink House in the background.

The work was slowed by some rain, but gradually enough progress was made to lay a 12″ pipe.

Are you snoring yet?

The drain will be surrounded by our driveway  and the company who is pouring the concrete will contour the area to empty into the drain. It should be a great solution to all the water that pours down from the top of the hill.

Getting there.

If you’re still awake, here is the last photo I took this morning. John will eventually finish laying the sod and fixing up Tracy’s yard.


The pipe reaches the road in front of Irl and Tracy’s house. A plan is in order to run the pipe under the road where it will empty toward the lake. That will happen eventually, but for now we can proceed with our build as soon as all the plans are approved.

Next step…THE WALL!

Prolly not gonna be this big.

Wake up! This entry is over. I’ll try to be more exciting in future posts.






We’re Going to Build a Wall…

And MEXICO is going to pay for it!

Unfortunately negotiations with Mexico fell through so Jim is going to have to foot the bill.  Seriously, we are building a retaining wall on our lot before construction on the house begins. There are lots of reasons for it, but the most important is that it will level our yard and make it easier to manage water. Plus it will be pretty! Here are two pics of what we’re aiming for, but on a bigger scale. I just found these on the interwebs.


Instead of actual bricks/stone, we’ll use cinder blocks for stability and later cover them with stone facings.


A little more like this but along two edges of the entire lot line.

An added bonus will be that the water problem for our neighbors to the right and rear of us will be lessened. (but not solved) To fix the water flow for my down hill friends we’ll have to figure out a drain that will also be constructed during the leveling of the lot. See, I told you some of this stuff would be boring. Anyhoo…we are so ready to get started and are still waiting on approval from our ARB and Pike Road planning. This is taking waaay longer than I expected but meanwhile we are enjoying life in the Pink House.

Some more than others. 🙂


Feeling relaxed Miss Rowdy?

The Boring Parts

I did say some of this would be boring so here is the first installment. Our lot is small and weirdly-shaped in the back (more on that later). So we applied for a variance to build directly up to the property line. This will help in the construction of our carport and driveway. We had to get letters from all three of our contiguous neighbors stating that this plan does not infringe on the use of their properties. (Thanks Irl, Tracy & Mike!) And although this enables us to have enough room to access our carport, there was just one more major problem.

Those dang electric boxes that stick up from the ground!

We all have them in our back yards here at The Waters. They’re ugly, of course, but that was not the problem for us. Our box sat in the place where we plan to pour our driveway. If we couldn’t have it sunk in the ground then we could not fit two cars in the carport. The rules do not allow us to move it from its location but we did find out that Alabama Power could sink it in the ground.

You would not believe how much they charged us for this. 😦

We paid a pretty penny for this service, but we felt that if we couldn’t sink this thing, that we would likely have room for only one car and that was a game-changer. So three dudes with shovels came and spent a few hours lowering the box and Voila!

Muuuuuuch better.

So now when the concrete guys do the driveway, they can just pour around the sunken box and we can drive right over it! My question is why don’t they always sink these boxes instead of making those ugly green monsters in everyone’s back yard. They DO get in the way. I’m happy we were able to accomplish this task.  Now the future steps in our project should be fun. The next thing we have to do before our actual construction begins is to build a retaining wall. More on that next time.  I know you are shivering with excitement! 🙂

If You Build It…

OK, I don’t have a punchline for this, but you can fill in the blank. I have not created a blog post in a very long time. Since the KITTYBUNNYCHICKEN is mainly about my animal adventures, I’ve had little to say lately. My last kitten fostering gig was mostly wonderful, but there was some heartache during the experience too. That, plus the fact that we moved into a 900 square foot house with four fat cats makes fostering near impossible these days.


No room at the inn little dude!

But we’re about to start a project that will be fun to document and I am going to use my blog for that. No law says it HAS to be about Kitties, Bunnies or Chickens right? So here goes…

For two years now, we’ve been planning our new house and we think we may be within weeks of breaking ground. It has not been easy to get to this place. I think the process of trying to adopt a Martian baby would have been less complicated. When we built our yellow house in 2007 it was a fun, stress-free (mostly) experience for us. Many people who build a house together have lots of stories of disagreements and fights, but Jim and I were 90% on the same page with our thoughts. He drew the house and we got a designer to make blueprints from our ideas. Then we hired a builder to make it a reality. His name is GT and he and his partner Chris created our pretty yellow house that we have lived in for eleven years.

In fact our house was the last one completed by this team, since sadly, Chris died shortly afterwards. (They also built the Pink House that same year, although at the time it was not pink.) GT later partnered with another builder (and a childhood friend of his), Gary. They’re the builders who have been at the Waters the longest, and it was a no-brainer deciding who we wanted to build our new house.

Step one of our evil plan was to sell or rent the Yellow House, move into the Pink House and begin building the Green House. (I like color) 🙂 The location is perfect since I can sit on my front porch now and watch the progress. Here is the lot we’ve chosen.

The lot is very small and weirdly shaped in the back which made designing the house a challenge. We just wanted to make a small (around 1400 sq. ft) cottage with a little back yard and simple, pretty landscaping. I think Jim did a great job (with a bit of help from me) I plan to document the whole process. Some of it will be boring, but you’re welcome to come along for the ride. I do hope all the big obstacles are behind us and we can begin the Barbie Dream Home very soon.

I always wanted one of those. 🙂