Random Acts of Decorating

Do you obsess about the little things? Have you ever pondered the little deely boppers on the end of your ceiling fan chain? Of course you haven’t. But guess what? Jim has. He thought we needed to have some bling instead of the boring kind that comes with the fan. I found some sparkly colorful ones on Etsy and ordered all different colors. Jim put them up according to his particular sense of style and I have to admit, they’re pretty cool.


Blue Room


Living Room

My husband is such a GIRL!Β  Yes, he’s a bit of a weirdo, but he’s MY weirdo!

He’s also a math genius (OK, genius is a strong word, but he is really smart), so his skills came in handy when hanging the pet pictures on the first stair landing. Here’s the story…When Hannah was eleven she drew a stunning picture of our kitty Boots. This was back in the year 2000. We loved it so much. It truly captured our sweet little cat and we were happy to frame it and hang it on the wall.


This job was not easy since all of the pics are slightly different sizes, plus the hanging methods were different and placed in random areas on the back of each pic. He got out his tape measure and turned up the “Geek dial” to full blast and began calculations.


Adult beverages were required for this task.


Three hours from start to finish.

Three years later she drew our kitty Missy. She continued until 2014 when she drew Dave our little brown bunny. If you zoom in you can see the whole gang starting with Boots at 11:00.


Zoom in to see all the fur babies. Four of them are still with us and eating us out of house and home. The rest are resting peacefully in our pet cemetery.

Boots 2000, Missy 2003, Roger the Wonder hamster 2006 (she gave him “elbows”, hamsters don’t have elbows. πŸ™‚ Buster 2008, Boo Boo 2009, Rowdy & Sam 2012 (still with us and fat as pigs!), Rosie, Daisy & Violet 2012 (my very sweet chickens who were evicted from waters because of a complaining neighbor grrrrrr, Mulder 2013 (still with us, and the strangest cat on Planet Earth), Dave the Bunny 2014 (for a short time we had two bunnies-Dave & Buster)


I love looking at them every time I climb the stairs.

In 2017, I decided that we needed one more pet portrait so I drew Hannah and Tony. Tony came to live with us after she died in December 2015. This little cartoon was modeled after a wonderful picture we took of her on her last Christmas with us.


Hannah & Tony Christmas Day 2014


I tried my best Hannah B.

Stop by any time to see my “priceless” art. Our kid was talented and wonderful. We love all the treasures she left behind.


Old School Chandelier

I don’t have a whole room to show you at this point, but I want to introduce you to our new addition.


Although we’ve been in the house for about 6 weeks our chandelier has remained “nekked”.

We had the electrician hang the skeleton, but he told us emphatically “I don’t do crystals”. OK, no problem. Jim said he was pretty sure he could install all the bling. So, he finally had time this weekend and I was reminded once again why I keep this guy around.


The white gloves came with the instructions. They look super cute Jimmy!!

The whole process took about 3 hours. I helped out by having some vino and tossing encouraging words his way.


Looking good Babe!

The finished product turned out so great.


Ta Daaaaa!

I have ordered some tiny burgundy shades for the bulbs. I’ll take another photo when they arrive.

I have to tell you about a very fun surprise that happened the next day. It was afternoon. Jim was in the kitchen and I was on the couch talking to a friend who had dropped in for the night. (We really enjoyed the visit Mr. Steve!) He was staring at something behind my head and I turned around to see this…


A free light show created by the sun shining directly on the fixture from the French Doors! I lasted about 10 minutes and it was BEAUTIFUL!

All these dots of light are tiny rainbows. We were both stunned and thrilled by this little performance. Steve asked if we had planned it and of course we had not. I think this house is magic. Stop by around 5:00 on a sunny day to see for yourself.

I really love our new house.



The Green Bathroom

We’ve finished another room in the house and this one competes for my favorite! (neck and neck with the kitchen) This bathroom is on the first floor and is also the guest bathroom for when we have company and overnight guests. You can access it from the blue room so guests can a private suite. I wanted to give this a 1930s/40s vibe but it also has a bit of the Orient mixed in. That was an accident but I love the result.



Jim found this pretty Japanese print shower curtain online and convinced me it would look good in here. It’s still growing on me, but I’m coming around.


The best seat in the house.

We got the “comfort height” potty and I highly recommend. Too much information??? Sorry, the older I get, the more I appreciate anything with the word “comfort” in it. I found an old-fashioned little magazine/toilet paper caddy and also a shelf to place your make-up tackle box if you’re staying over.


The view from the “throne”

Hannah’s childhood art looks beautiful in here.


My favorite. The kid had skills. πŸ™‚


These photos are 25 years apart. Two year old Debbie and Hannah–lacy panties, covered in dirt, poochy tummies, (I still have mine) and pageboy haircut.


The Japanese print was Hannah’s. It goes perfectly in here.


I end almost every day in this spot.

I am aware of the great tub/shower debate (Merrilu!) I don’t take baths to get clean. I take a bath for fun. (Don’t worry, I shower in the morning) I am a firm believer in the Three Bs. Bubbles, book & beverage. At least this system works for me. Again, highly recommend!Β  This tile is onyx. I ordered it from a warehouse in California. You should see some of these up close. God does beautiful work. Amazing colors and patterns.

And finally…


A little plaque for my guests.

Yes. I stole this from a hotel. Not sorry.

One Down

We’ve been in the Green House over three weeks now and I’ve finally finished exactly ONE room! During construction we were calling this the “office” but after we moved in we christened it “The Blue Room”.


For obvious reasons

These French doors will eventually have panels on the glass so guests can have privacy. They will match the chocolate sofa bed. (Doesn’t “chocolate” sound much better than “brown”?)


My computer desk. Jim’s is upstairs in our bedroom.

Zoom in to see the crazy broken tile flamingo I stole from the Pink House, and 12 year-old Hannah on pointe from her ballet company when we lived in Las Vegas.


Office supplies in the old rickety cabinet with doors that do not shut all the way and a drawer that’s impossible to pull out. But it’s cute right?

We got the Monet lily pad print when Jim was at the Pentagon. It was five years later that we discovered we were hanging it UPSIDE DOWN!

And continuing from right to left…


The pocket door opens to the guest bathroom so when we do have overnight guests they can have their own little private suite.

My friend Judy Walton painted this girl running toward the ocean. We were in her art gallery a few weeks after Hannah died and saw it. We both froze. It’s her in every way, right down to the white dress. She had one exactly like it. If you knew her, you’d say the same thing. Judy painted it around the time she died, but she didn’t know her and had never even met us.Β  Hannah loved the beach. We knew we had to have this. We told Judy the story and she got tears in her eyes. She cut the price in half. My dad bought it for us. We treasure it.

The Madonna & Child is a Picasso print from 1903. I admired it for many months in an antique shop in Columbus, MS when I was pregnant with Hannah. It was prohibitively expensive. On the day we brought her home from the hospital, I walked into the house to find that Jim had bought it for me. πŸ™‚ That boy…


You’ll have to visit me to see some of these clearly. But of course there is a story behind each one.

I stole the flamingo Audubon print from the Pink House. I found it buried in a pile of old framed pictures in the Eastbrook Flea Market. I researched it and found out it’s quite valuable and hard to find. I paid $65 for it FRAMED!!! Debbie do love a bargain!

From top to bottom…three year old, four year old Hannah and a eight-year-old Hannah and her “Little Daddy” hiking in Shenandoah National Park.Β  A dear classmate of mine made this beautiful memory quilt for me a couple of weeks after Hannah died. Laura made me one too. It’s in another room. Thank you both for your kindness ladies.


Hannah had been experimenting with a loom she made herself from an old picture frame. She created the patterns and hooked these little rug samples. You have to see them up close–beautiful. I had no idea she could do this. I found them in a box after she died.

The large painting of the salon ladies was done by an Israeli artist named Patricia Govenzensky. I admired this for over a year (again in the Eastbrook Flea Mall). It was finally listed half off and I couldn’t get it in my car fast enough. One of the rare occasions that I didn’t ask Jim first! (We have a rule about buying stuff over a certain price point without permission) This work reminds me so much of the Montgomery artist Barbara Gallagher. My friend Susna is crazy for her. I think both artists might have been influenced by Itzhchak Tarkay. (Google him)


The ottoman contains pillows and linen for the sofa bed. The Union Jack pillow was a gift from a Pink House guest from England. Thank you Deanne!

So that’s the Blue Room. Sorry this was so long. And sorry if I got too sentimental. I like to talk about my kid and we both like to be surrounded by her art and her image. I feel peaceful here. It’s a great place to read and get away from the TV if someone is watching it. I’d love to show it to you in person. Thanks for reading.



Punch List

A “punch” list is a bunch of things still left to do at the end of construction. So we’ve moved in and are living here, but there are several chores that have to be done before the house is officially completed. I’m not sure why it’s called that, but it may have something to do with the fact that by now the builders and homeowners want to “punch” each other in the face. (Just kidding Gary & GT!)

Here are a few little jobs that we’re still working on.


Underskirt door. Jim will store some stuff under the house, but more importantly the plumber and/or HVAC guy may need to access this area for repairs.


Porches still not stained yet. They’ll be “honey” colored.


Chris is finishing up the slats on the back of the golf cart bay. They didn’t have enough boards before.


Cute. Just needs to be painted now.


Rock Hudson, St. Francis & the Hannah angel are enjoying hanging out together. (along with Buster & Boo Boo’s grave markers) Soon the fence will be built on top of this rock wall and they can have a cozy corner to enjoy.

Eventually we’ll make a lovely Hannah Memorial Garden here with a tinkling fountain, a small tree, someΒ  flowers, and all of our pet grave markers (there are many). It will be a pleasant spot to view from the back porch and we hope it will be peaceful and beautiful.


The mantle still not painted. Grrrrrrrrrrr. Marlin, where have all the painters gone? Shall I send out a search party?

Those iron cats in the fireplace have green glass eyes that will glow when we have a fire. I’m afraid they might scare Mulder.

Jim has a “punch” list too and it is as long as my arm. He put together our corner TV stand before he left for Brussels and Tony thought it was a playhouse just for him.


Pretty fun Dad. Thanks!


And Rowdy thought it was a display case just for her.

See the pretty kitty?

I’d love to show you some of the inside rooms but I’m going to wait til I can hang pictures. Jim is gone AGAIN! This time he’s not in some fur-in country but on the Appalachian Trail supposedly having FUN. (He married the wrong girl) Anyway, he gave me strict orders not to hang any pictures while he was gone. That’s usually my job, and I do OK, unless you count the 3-4 nail holes behind each one. Jim likes to use science and math to hang stuff and he wanted to do it this time. When he hangs a picture you can bet there’s only one nail hole behind it. I guess you could call Jim a “one hole-er”.

(insert joke here) πŸ™‚


No Tony, you don’t live there anymore. 😦

Mostly Kitties, Some House

It’s been a while since an update from the KittyBunnyChicken but I have been BIZZ-AY!

Jim left for a trip to Brussels last week and by the time he got home I had done a partial move into the house. The first step was to get the big stuff out of the Pink House and over to the Green House (king mattress, sofa bed, chest of drawers etc.) That night I got a wild idea to sleep over there so I herded four cats into our new abode and hunkered down. How did the first night go? Well…..


I have never seen this happen EVER!

These cats are mortal enemies. Tony tortures poor Sammy all day and she slaps and hisses in response whenever they are in the same room. Tony thinks it’s super fun to pester her but she does not see the humor. Well, these two kids slept side by side for most of the night!!! It’s kind of unclear but notice Tony’s face buried in his stuffed elephant (Hannah the Bama fan gave it to him). πŸ™‚ And Sammy is in a “help me” pose rolled over on her side reaching for safety. You have to understand my critters to know just how unbelievable and hilarious this photo is.

And Rowdy! Well, lets just say she’s tried to hide from this move whenever she could.


Don’t see me!


Not always successfully.

And Mr. Mulder?


Weirdness personified.

Actually, he cried from the time I put him in the front door until about 1:00AM. It made for a really restful night I can tell you.

And I have a few cute updates regarding my former foster kid Tammy. She having so much trouble fitting in at her new home in North Carolina. The stress is almost too much!

IMG_0700 (1)

I’m so stwessed out!


It’s almost too much to bear!

Needless to say, this little girl has hit the jackpot and is happier than a pig in mud. Thanks again cousin, for taking this little hellion off my hands.

OK, so ready to see some more Green House?


Pathway and brick step from the carport to the back porch is done.


Island wooden bar top is made but not attached yet. It’s made out of the reclaimed pine of the floor.


Two red bar stools will go here.


Setting up a few small sticks of furniture.


We changed the name of this room from “The Office” to “The Blue Room” because, well….

The sofa makes into a double bed so it’s a guest room for you if you wanna have a sleepover.

Then Jim came home from his trip and THIS happened…


Debbie, Jim & Jamie (our good strong friend) moved an entire storage unit into the house. It only took 147 hours! Well it felt like it.

It was so fun unpacking stuff I hadn’t seen in over a year.


What, you don’t have a lighted chicken?

Pictures won’t be hung for a while, but for now it’s nice to see some of them on the recently completed (but not painted) mantle.


So this is it for now. There is still much to do. Emptying and cleaning the Pink House is more of a challenge than I had expected. We lived HARD in that house! But I am so happy with our new home and looking forward to the fun part of fixing it up and having friends over soon. Thanks for travelling this journey with us. Stop by and visit the Green House anytime. I have many jobs for you.


I have some pretty stuff to show off today. There is no theme to these photos. I’m just excited that progress continues slowly but surely.


The laundry room is done. There is nothing cosmic about our washer and dryer. They’re very small and kind of old school.


Kitchen is mostly done. They still have to build the wooden bar on the back of the island. There will be two red bar stools in front.


I like the country-looking valence under the sink. Looks like the 1950’s style.


Sitting room coffee bar turned out so nicely. It will double as a guest room sink for overflow guests. See the bunny knobs?


The dining table chandelier is hung but still naked. Jim will put the crystals on with the white gloves that came in the box! Yes, I will take a picture of that!


The retaining wall has been covered in stone and we think it turned out great! If you zoom in you can see the notches in the top of the wall starting about the second pier. These are where the fence posts will attach later. Jim has some “bracket-thingy” plan to accomplish this. That boy….

And finally…


Porch lights really do say, “Welcome, I’m a friendly little house.”