Playing Possum

Our little foster girl is growing and getting sweeter by the day. Of course, you can already guess who her favorite person is.

Dis man is nice.

She’s still bottle fed and THIS IS A MAJOR PAIN! I usually con Jim into doing it.


She’s very relaxed most of the time.

Her two favorite toys are this cool stick.

And this weird foot.

I gotta kill dis foot!

For now she lives in the guest bathroom with all the amenities a pampered kitty is used to. She has learned to use her litter box at the tender age of THREE WEEKS!

I bet you couldn’t do that when you were 21 days old!

Possum is accepting a throng of new friends so please don’t hesitate to get some kitten love at your first convenience.

Mr. Andrew is pretty cool!

If you want a fun, sweet, smart little baby girl to add to your family consider adopting Possum. She’s with us for a few more weeks and then will be ready to go to her forever home. Take her for a test drive with no obligations!

MEE-OW that’s a great deal!

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