I’m Baaaaaack…

It’s been too long. July 13, 2020 was my last post. I guess COVID put me in a kittybunnychicken coma because I have not felt like recording much since then. The only big thing you missed was that I had to go to Starkville to get my former foster kitty Bobbi. You’ll remember the little girl with the janky tail?

Hi. My name is Bobbi. I have a janky tail, a shaved tummy, and very pretty eyes. I’m soft and I smell like cookies. I am potty trained too and I will let you pet me if you’re very calm and gentle. I’ve had all my shots and surgeries. Please help me find a forever home? Please?

Her owner died and I could not let her to to a shelter. We had a lot of trouble finding her a home (again) but were finally successful. Actually SUCCESSFUL should be the correct word!

Meet Ali. She is a sweet young lady who lives about 45 miles from me. She saw Bobbi on Petfinder and offered her a home. It was rough going at first, but now these two are inseparable. I’m so grateful to this kind girl for recognizing a special kitty who deserves love.

I hit the jackpot baby!

I think I will have a new adventure to write about this week. I’ll just leave you with a tiny hint…

Talk about a teaser!!!