A Fine Bromance

As with all our foster kitties, Rocky has taken a shine to Mr. Mulder.


He’s my hero.

Mulder is mildly irritated by the little hooligan, but he tolerates him enough to let him snuggle up once in a while.


I love him so much.

Rocky has more energy than all four of my couch potato kitties. He played with this ball for 15 minutes and then collapsed in to a little nap.

As I write this, I’m waiting for Layla to come pick Rocky up to take him to her house. She has found a home for him in Nashville and plans to meet his new mommy in Birmingham on Friday for the prisoner exchange. Layla wanted to keep him for a few days so her little boy could have a fun little buddy to play with.

Good luck at your new home Rocky Balboa. We will miss you. 😦

2 thoughts on “A Fine Bromance

  1. Sure hope Rocky will have a buddy to snuggle with sounds like he wants to be loved. Thank you for all u do sweetie ! Judy


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