Rocky on Walkabout

Our little Foster kitten has begun to explore his surroundings. He’s getting tamer by the day and lets Jim pick him up and give him love.


Dis guy seems pwetty nice.

The discoloration around his eye and nose is from the skin irritation caused by the conjunctivitis.  That condition is clearing up nicely and his eye drops will be finished by Monday evening. When the skin clears up, Rocky will be even more gorgeous than he is now.

We moved him from the guest bathroom to more luxurious conditions in the office/guest room. He has a comfy couch to destroy with his razor-sharp claws, plus many visitors throughout the day.


These legs are furrier than mine!

He’s even met the foster kitten guru and trainer in residence, Mr. Mulder.


Rule # 1, kid! I’M the boss!

Sessions with Mulder are very thorough and can be quite exhausting!


I need a bweak!

This sweet baby will be ready for adoption by Monday evening. Call or text if you’d like to take Rocky for a test drive. He has very few miles on him and is certified pre-owned by the Burlingame Kitty Rescue & Spa Corporation. 334-207-9561

3 thoughts on “Rocky on Walkabout

  1. I’m sad. Your website didn’t like my comment. It wouldn’t post it, so I’m sending it to you!❤️

    I absolutely LOVE reading your blog, and it was so refreshing at the end of a couple of hard days. And, I mean, really, WHO wouldn’t want free love once they learn what it is?


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