It’s a BOY!

Our little foster kitten allowed Jim to invade his personal space to find out if he was a girl or boy.


Meet Rocky Balboa

Jim suggested the name because he’s a fighter and he’s very tuff! The vet gave him a very thorough exam (with a very thorough bill) and pronounced him “pretty good”. He has no major maladies or injuries but he does have earmites, conjunctivitis, worms, fleas plus he’s underweight. She thinks he’s approximately 8 weeks old. Jim and I give him eye drops three times a day and ear drops two times a day. After his poop sample was tested, it seems he has another kind of worms and I’m picking up THAT medication today. Rocky is a sweet cat with the potential to be a great pet. He’s shy and skittish, but when we’re able to pull him out of his hidey hole, he purrs like a motorboat while Jim gives him “mandatory love”. If you think you want this little guy in your life and promise to have him neutered and keep him as an INSIDE kitty please give me a ringy-ding.


I promise I’ll be good.

PS, he learned to use his litter box after only one day. I think we have a genius kitten on our hands!

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