Random Acts of Photography

Some days I don’t really have a theme for a blog post but I just want to share some snippets of our FABULOUS life (mostly animal stuff).

Tony scales our privacy fence like a sherpa! We’ve seen him leap to the top many times and almost can’t believe our eyes.


You NEED me on this wall!

He does this when he’s not stalking ducks.


I just wanna TASTE one.

Never fear. He’s actually afraid of them. Alpha duck chased him out of the yard yesterday. Don’t tell anyone. Tony doesn’t want to lose his street cred.

And speaking of ducks…

These crazy critters are practicing flight. I’ve seen two of them get about three feet of air and travel 6-7 feet across the yard. I’m never able to catch them on video, but here’s a cute one showing mayhem.

Rowdy and Sammy wanted in on this post, so here’s a photo of my enormous lady cats with boys’ names (the shelter named them when they were babies and got all the sexes wrong)


We so pwetty.

We’re still enjoying our pretty water feature/memorial garden.


I recently met up with some dear friends I hadn’t seen in a long time


Pretty as Peacocks.

And finally, can anyone tell me why only ONE of the crape myrtles is blooming at the Pink House?


I’m clueless.

I found out that the three ducks that came from Mobile are NOT mallards. They are WOOD DUCKS. They’re smaller and they’ll look like this when they’re mature.

Male wood duck


Female wood duck


There are currently no wood ducks at The Waters, but they are native to this region, so they should do fine here. For two days in a row a duck has flown out of my yard and waddled in the street until we could herd him back in. Tune in tomorrow to see what happened when we tried to “escort” the gang to the lake.

PS…Bella the bunny is fat and happy. I’ll get a cute pic of her tomorrow.



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