Hutch Sweet Hutch

The title really should be “Coop Sweet Coop” because we ordered an ultra fancy chicken coop and modified it for bunnies. The Roost & Root Coop ( company is your one-stop shopping for really well-made, beautifully designed coops. I have coveted them for many years and finally my dream has come true! (I have very weird dreams)


This is the smallest model they make. It’s built to house three full-sized chickens with access to a chicken run.

The coop didn’t have a second floor because chickens can fly up to the roosts for the night. Bunnies can’t fly (you didn’t know I had so much animal knowledge, did you?) so Jim added a ramp and a floor for them to  use as their penthouse. The coop comes with a nest box, but bunnies like to call it a “snuggle” box because they don’t lay eggs. (I TOLD you I was smart!)


They personalized it for us. Zoom in. 🙂

The lid was not designed to be removable, but I requested that it comes off for easy access to food/water and cleaning. So Voila!


Jim made the roof removable and built the ramp and the second floor. (I don’t pay that boy enough)

I think it looks great and it fits the bunny lifestyle perfectly. As soon as they went inside, Mulder was there to welcome them to their new home.


Hi, my name is Mulder, and I’m the boss around here, see?

Mulder tried out the nest box too, but produced no results.


I think this thing is bwoken.

Bandit & Bella pronounced it a perfect bunny home as they happily explored their new coop/hutch.




Go away now! Too much paparazzi! See you tomorrow. Bring parsley!



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