Well, this is the last post about the Green House. The only thing that we had to wait for was painting the fence since the boards have to “cure” for a while before they can be painted. So here are some  photos of my lovely fence!


The pickets are white and the privacy part is stained the color of the porches.


This is the side yard next to our neighbors Martha & Irl. I hope they like how it looks. Plus we can see our yellow house from here. It’s for rent if anyone is interested!


This is the back yard and the future memorial garden where we hope to have a babbling fountain and small pond with flowers and shrubs. It’s still in the planning stages and we’re happy to get ideas from anyone who has done this in their yards. PLEASE!


This is my favorite part. It was Jim’s idea to paint the back gate red. Since our front door, back French doors and the storage shed doors are all red, we decided to stick to the theme. I love it. My house looks like Christmas all the time with all the red and green! 🙂

The guy who painted my fence did a beautiful and professional job. His name is Jamie and we’ve been lucky enough to avail ourselves of his many talents for a few years now. He’s good at most things that involve painting, yard work and muscles and I’m happy to share his contact info with any of my neighbors.

And here is a picture I meant to post at Christmas. Thanks for everyone who followed along on our Green House adventure. It was a labor of love and worth all the trouble.


I have some very happy news about Bobbi! I have found her a home with a friend in Starkville, MS.  We’ll take her there next week. I went to college in Starkville so it’ll be fun to look around my old stomping grounds too. I know she’ll miss her best friend, Mr. Mulder. Here is a sweet video of him giving her a bath.

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