Disco Deb

The light show is back.


If you missed a previous post about the chandelier light show, let me recap. About ten weeks ago we were astonished to find that our living room had turned into a shower of tiny prisms of refracted light bouncing off the crystals on our chandelier. It happened again the next day, but it was not as spectacular, and then…nada. We thought that it was probably just some kind of cosmic magic that happened once and then went away. But Noooooo! Yesterday at around 4:30 we both  happened to be in the kitchen and were shocked to see that it had returned! Yay!


Stayin’ Alive, Stayin’ Alive

I was thrilled, but the look on Jim’s face was very familiar. He wanted to figure this out. So after a bit of geeking out on the computer, he came to the conclusion that this exhibit had something to do with the Winter Solstice and that we would probably see it once more in about five weeks and then it would disappear until next winter. By his calculations, it should show up again on March 30thth. He tried to explain about the trajectory of the sun’s ray thru the stair landing window and how the effect was not unlike the Stonehenge phenomenon, blah blah blah. I nodded my head and made “agreement” noises. (This happens a lot in our house). Living with Jim can sometimes be exhausting. Good thing he’s cute.

So, come on over to the disco party at the end of March. We’ll be out of town that day and I want photos!

Next subject…Bobbi, the foster kitten.


She’s embarrassed about her shaved tummy.


I’m not embarrassed of MY tummy!

Yes, Rowdy. We know you have a cute tummy.

Bobbi recently had her “surgery” and she’s recovering nicely. We’ve had a little success taming her this week. If we walk up to her verrrrry slowwwwwly we are able to pet her without her jumping up and running under the bed. She’s especially “pet-able” When she’s next to her best friend.


I love dis guy.

She’s still way too shy to be adopted, so we’ll continue to work with her until I can find her forever home. Helloooooo! Any takers???

Here are some more photos of the completed house. This is the sitting room. It’s just off the master bedroom. We watch TV at night and make coffee in the morning here. Plus the futon turns into a double bed for extra house guests.


Actually quite comfy.


Jim bagged this moose on a hunting trip in Canada. Bwwwaaaaaaa!


Coffee anyone?

So that’s all the exciting stuff going on at Chez Burlingame. I leave you with one last plug.


Hi. My name is Bobbi. I have a janky tail, a shaved tummy, and very pretty eyes. I’m soft and I smell like cookies. I am potty trained too and I will let you pet me if you’re very calm and gentle. I’ve had all my shots and surgeries. Please help me find a forever home? Please?

Good job Bobbi.

2 thoughts on “Disco Deb

  1. Oh,Great mysterious chandelier. Millions of years from now investigators will assume that a group of humans and cats worshipped the winter solstice from this house. A quote from the agents, “We found a number of other weird things about this site, but we are not able to release that info yet”. ❤️❤️❤️
    Bobbi, you are a cutie.

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