Put on your sunglasses. Our bedroom is BRIGHT! One of my dearest friends called this room “gaudy”. I know you meant it with love, right Susna? The burgundy velvet headboard would look right at home in Miss Kitty’s bedroom at the Longbranch Saloon.


I feel certain that she would approve of these prissy valences with the dangly doodles as well.


Set a spell Marshall Dillon!

I know I’m still stuck in the 90s with these burgundy/gold/green colors, but hey what’s so bad about the 90s?


Room to stretch out.


Jim “teleports” every Friday from this nook. Believe me, you are getting your tax dollar’s worth out of this guy.

So that’s our crazy bedroom. It may be a little “loud” for some, but I find it fun and peaceful.


A couple of other critters like it too.

Bobbi spends most of her waking hours (and sleeping ones) under the bed. She’s sharing a rare brave moment with her best friend Mulder here. She really loves him and seeks him out whenever she can. The only time we ever hear her meow is when she’s talking to him. She’s getting big and we’re still unable to tame her. Some miracle has to happen soon because the longer she stays wild, the less likely that she’ll ever warm to humans.


We do have evidence that she ventures into other rooms when no one is looking.

Here’s a final picture of one of the finishing touches to the Burlingame casa.


Thaaaaaat’s what I’m talking about!



3 thoughts on “Boudoir

  1. Burgundy is a classic color. Reminds me of a glass of wine and of French majesty. I love it. Nothing like hunter green to remind me of lush nature and dense forest. Makes me happy. Ms Kitty and you have good taste.

  2. The way I look at it , if it makes you happy that’s all that matters. That’s so sweet that Bobbi and Mulder are best friends. They are sooo cute I love her eyes . Judy


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