More Bobbi Please!

Bobbi is the most challenging foster kitten we’ve had since we started ten years ago. I guess her first eight weeks were so stressful and scary that she’s taking a very long time to recover. When Jim can catch her, she enjoys being in his lap and getting petted and scratched. She has a very loud motor and she purrs like crazy with him. But as soon as he lets go, she zips off the bed and hides.


See her little paw touching Mulder’s face?

We have an ottoman at the foot of our bed and sometimes she’ll watch us for a long time before she gets the courage to jump up.


Don’t see me!

Jim is making a kitty door in our bedroom wall so the cats can go in there to use their box and get some food. Bobby loves going in and out of it getting foam insulation all over her head.


I love this playhouse!

She recently had her first visit to the vet and she got some fun worm medicine and shots. She was a very good girl, mostly because she was terrified. I was happy to learn that her tail was not injured. Bobbi was born with her weird little tail that looks like a thumb hitch hiking.  Mulder makes fun of it, but she doesn’t seem to notice that she’s different in anyway.


When can I go home?

We will continue to socialize this baby and make a proper pet out of her as best we can. Finding a forever home will be challenging since she’s shyer than most Burlingame kittens. Someone will have to love her for her beauty and sweetness since her personality is a little slow to shine. I know someone out there is the right parent for Bobbi.

I’ll close with some photos of our completed fence. We are so pleased with it. Joel Jackson built it and it was the first project he’d ever done like ours. He and Jim figured out a system to put the privacy fence on top of the stone wall with some funky brackets and cement mortar. We have to wait a couple of months to paint it, but for now it still looks great and gives us a very nice little private yard.


Front right. The pickets will be painted white and the privacy part will be stained the porch color.


View from the street corner. I love how the stone wall looks with the fence.


Nice sized enclosed yard despite our small lot. Tony is the only cat who can scale this fence to escape. Our other cats are too fat and lazy.


Left side. Shortly after the fence was completed our neighbor added some fencing on his side to create a little enclosure for his dog.


Not much room on this side of the house for anything but AC units and our composters, but it’s nice that the fence hides this stuff.


The gate is in front of my car and when I’m carrying groceries I just push on the gate and it opens easily with one finger.


This gate will be red like all the other doors on the house. The rest will be stained the color of the porches.


And once in the gate, it’s just one step up to the porch and back door. We wanted the house as low to the ground as permitted just for this reason. Easy access will come in handy as we age and get crotchety.


My favorite part of all is how cozy and private the back porch is now.

So that’s it for this week. I’m almost finished with doing “house” posts. I think I just have a couple of things left to share with you on this topic. Meanwhile we’ll keep bombarding Bobbi with mandatory love and hope for the best. Thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “More Bobbi Please!

  1. You guy made use of every inch of space. I’m impressed! Plus, little Bobbi is a sweet’um….just has some ‘coming out/trust issues. Her lil life was terrible until you and Jim found her. No wonder she is having some trust issues. ❤️

  2. You are both such good kitty parents. Thank you for the shout out for Joel. So glad you are pleased with the fence. It is unique just like it’s owner!

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