Random Acts of Decorating

Do you obsess about the little things? Have you ever pondered the little deely boppers on the end of your ceiling fan chain? Of course you haven’t. But guess what? Jim has. He thought we needed to have some bling instead of the boring kind that comes with the fan. I found some sparkly colorful ones on Etsy and ordered all different colors. Jim put them up according to his particular sense of style and I have to admit, they’re pretty cool.


Blue Room


Living Room

My husband is such a GIRL!  Yes, he’s a bit of a weirdo, but he’s MY weirdo!

He’s also a math genius (OK, genius is a strong word, but he is really smart), so his skills came in handy when hanging the pet pictures on the first stair landing. Here’s the story…When Hannah was eleven she drew a stunning picture of our kitty Boots. This was back in the year 2000. We loved it so much. It truly captured our sweet little cat and we were happy to frame it and hang it on the wall.


This job was not easy since all of the pics are slightly different sizes, plus the hanging methods were different and placed in random areas on the back of each pic. He got out his tape measure and turned up the “Geek dial” to full blast and began calculations.


Adult beverages were required for this task.


Three hours from start to finish.

Three years later she drew our kitty Missy. She continued until 2014 when she drew Dave our little brown bunny. If you zoom in you can see the whole gang starting with Boots at 11:00.


Zoom in to see all the fur babies. Four of them are still with us and eating us out of house and home. The rest are resting peacefully in our pet cemetery.

Boots 2000, Missy 2003, Roger the Wonder hamster 2006 (she gave him “elbows”, hamsters don’t have elbows. 🙂 Buster 2008, Boo Boo 2009, Rowdy & Sam 2012 (still with us and fat as pigs!), Rosie, Daisy & Violet 2012 (my very sweet chickens who were evicted from waters because of a complaining neighbor grrrrrr, Mulder 2013 (still with us, and the strangest cat on Planet Earth), Dave the Bunny 2014 (for a short time we had two bunnies-Dave & Buster)


I love looking at them every time I climb the stairs.

In 2017, I decided that we needed one more pet portrait so I drew Hannah and Tony. Tony came to live with us after she died in December 2015. This little cartoon was modeled after a wonderful picture we took of her on her last Christmas with us.


Hannah & Tony Christmas Day 2014


I tried my best Hannah B.

Stop by any time to see my “priceless” art. Our kid was talented and wonderful. We love all the treasures she left behind.


3 thoughts on “Random Acts of Decorating

  1. I love the fan decor my kinda guy. The Art is wonderful Hannah was an Artist And so is mom😻!!! Oh tell jim the print In the middle is a little tilted to the right Then when he walks over to look say oh Judy was just kidding 🤣😂😂 love the house and all your stories . Love , Judy


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