Old School Chandelier

I don’t have a whole room to show you at this point, but I want to introduce you to our new addition.


Although we’ve been in the house for about 6 weeks our chandelier has remained “nekked”.

We had the electrician hang the skeleton, but he told us emphatically “I don’t do crystals”. OK, no problem. Jim said he was pretty sure he could install all the bling. So, he finally had time this weekend and I was reminded once again why I keep this guy around.


The white gloves came with the instructions. They look super cute Jimmy!!

The whole process took about 3 hours. I helped out by having some vino and tossing encouraging words his way.


Looking good Babe!

The finished product turned out so great.


Ta Daaaaa!

I have ordered some tiny burgundy shades for the bulbs. I’ll take another photo when they arrive.

I have to tell you about a very fun surprise that happened the next day. It was afternoon. Jim was in the kitchen and I was on the couch talking to a friend who had dropped in for the night. (We really enjoyed the visit Mr. Steve!) He was staring at something behind my head and I turned around to see this…


A free light show created by the sun shining directly on the fixture from the French Doors! I lasted about 10 minutes and it was BEAUTIFUL!

All these dots of light are tiny rainbows. We were both stunned and thrilled by this little performance. Steve asked if we had planned it and of course we had not. I think this house is magic. Stop by around 5:00 on a sunny day to see for yourself.

I really love our new house.



The Green Bathroom

We’ve finished another room in the house and this one competes for my favorite! (neck and neck with the kitchen) This bathroom is on the first floor and is also the guest bathroom for when we have company and overnight guests. You can access it from the blue room so guests can a private suite. I wanted to give this a 1930s/40s vibe but it also has a bit of the Orient mixed in. That was an accident but I love the result.



Jim found this pretty Japanese print shower curtain online and convinced me it would look good in here. It’s still growing on me, but I’m coming around.


The best seat in the house.

We got the “comfort height” potty and I highly recommend. Too much information??? Sorry, the older I get, the more I appreciate anything with the word “comfort” in it. I found an old-fashioned little magazine/toilet paper caddy and also a shelf to place your make-up tackle box if you’re staying over.


The view from the “throne”

Hannah’s childhood art looks beautiful in here.


My favorite. The kid had skills. 🙂


These photos are 25 years apart. Two year old Debbie and Hannah–lacy panties, covered in dirt, poochy tummies, (I still have mine) and pageboy haircut.


The Japanese print was Hannah’s. It goes perfectly in here.


I end almost every day in this spot.

I am aware of the great tub/shower debate (Merrilu!) I don’t take baths to get clean. I take a bath for fun. (Don’t worry, I shower in the morning) I am a firm believer in the Three Bs. Bubbles, book & beverage. At least this system works for me. Again, highly recommend!  This tile is onyx. I ordered it from a warehouse in California. You should see some of these up close. God does beautiful work. Amazing colors and patterns.

And finally…


A little plaque for my guests.

Yes. I stole this from a hotel. Not sorry.