One Down

We’ve been in the Green House over three weeks now and I’ve finally finished exactly ONE room! During construction we were calling this the “office” but after we moved in we christened it “The Blue Room”.


For obvious reasons

These French doors will eventually have panels on the glass so guests can have privacy. They will match the chocolate sofa bed. (Doesn’t “chocolate” sound much better than “brown”?)


My computer desk. Jim’s is upstairs in our bedroom.

Zoom in to see the crazy broken tile flamingo I stole from the Pink House, and 12 year-old Hannah on pointe from her ballet company when we lived in Las Vegas.


Office supplies in the old rickety cabinet with doors that do not shut all the way and a drawer that’s impossible to pull out. But it’s cute right?

We got the Monet lily pad print when Jim was at the Pentagon. It was five years later that we discovered we were hanging it UPSIDE DOWN!

And continuing from right to left…


The pocket door opens to the guest bathroom so when we do have overnight guests they can have their own little private suite.

My friend Judy Walton painted this girl running toward the ocean. We were in her art gallery a few weeks after Hannah died and saw it. We both froze. It’s her in every way, right down to the white dress. She had one exactly like it. If you knew her, you’d say the same thing. Judy painted it around the time she died, but she didn’t know her and had never even met us.  Hannah loved the beach. We knew we had to have this. We told Judy the story and she got tears in her eyes. She cut the price in half. My dad bought it for us. We treasure it.

The Madonna & Child is a Picasso print from 1903. I admired it for many months in an antique shop in Columbus, MS when I was pregnant with Hannah. It was prohibitively expensive. On the day we brought her home from the hospital, I walked into the house to find that Jim had bought it for me. 🙂 That boy…


You’ll have to visit me to see some of these clearly. But of course there is a story behind each one.

I stole the flamingo Audubon print from the Pink House. I found it buried in a pile of old framed pictures in the Eastbrook Flea Market. I researched it and found out it’s quite valuable and hard to find. I paid $65 for it FRAMED!!! Debbie do love a bargain!

From top to bottom…three year old, four year old Hannah and a eight-year-old Hannah and her “Little Daddy” hiking in Shenandoah National Park.  A dear classmate of mine made this beautiful memory quilt for me a couple of weeks after Hannah died. Laura made me one too. It’s in another room. Thank you both for your kindness ladies.


Hannah had been experimenting with a loom she made herself from an old picture frame. She created the patterns and hooked these little rug samples. You have to see them up close–beautiful. I had no idea she could do this. I found them in a box after she died.

The large painting of the salon ladies was done by an Israeli artist named Patricia Govenzensky. I admired this for over a year (again in the Eastbrook Flea Mall). It was finally listed half off and I couldn’t get it in my car fast enough. One of the rare occasions that I didn’t ask Jim first! (We have a rule about buying stuff over a certain price point without permission) This work reminds me so much of the Montgomery artist Barbara Gallagher. My friend Susna is crazy for her. I think both artists might have been influenced by Itzhchak Tarkay. (Google him)


The ottoman contains pillows and linen for the sofa bed. The Union Jack pillow was a gift from a Pink House guest from England. Thank you Deanne!

So that’s the Blue Room. Sorry this was so long. And sorry if I got too sentimental. I like to talk about my kid and we both like to be surrounded by her art and her image. I feel peaceful here. It’s a great place to read and get away from the TV if someone is watching it. I’d love to show it to you in person. Thanks for reading.



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