Punch List

A “punch” list is a bunch of things still left to do at the end of construction. So we’ve moved in and are living here, but there are several chores that have to be done before the house is officially completed. I’m not sure why it’s called that, but it may have something to do with the fact that by now the builders and homeowners want to “punch” each other in the face. (Just kidding Gary & GT!)

Here are a few little jobs that we’re still working on.


Underskirt door. Jim will store some stuff under the house, but more importantly the plumber and/or HVAC guy may need to access this area for repairs.


Porches still not stained yet. They’ll be “honey” colored.


Chris is finishing up the slats on the back of the golf cart bay. They didn’t have enough boards before.


Cute. Just needs to be painted now.


Rock Hudson, St. Francis & the Hannah angel are enjoying hanging out together. (along with Buster & Boo Boo’s grave markers) Soon the fence will be built on top of this rock wall and they can have a cozy corner to enjoy.

Eventually we’ll make a lovely Hannah Memorial Garden here with a tinkling fountain, a small tree, some  flowers, and all of our pet grave markers (there are many). It will be a pleasant spot to view from the back porch and we hope it will be peaceful and beautiful.


The mantle still not painted. Grrrrrrrrrrr. Marlin, where have all the painters gone? Shall I send out a search party?

Those iron cats in the fireplace have green glass eyes that will glow when we have a fire. I’m afraid they might scare Mulder.

Jim has a “punch” list too and it is as long as my arm. He put together our corner TV stand before he left for Brussels and Tony thought it was a playhouse just for him.


Pretty fun Dad. Thanks!


And Rowdy thought it was a display case just for her.

See the pretty kitty?

I’d love to show you some of the inside rooms but I’m going to wait til I can hang pictures. Jim is gone AGAIN! This time he’s not in some fur-in country but on the Appalachian Trail supposedly having FUN. (He married the wrong girl) Anyway, he gave me strict orders not to hang any pictures while he was gone. That’s usually my job, and I do OK, unless you count the 3-4 nail holes behind each one. Jim likes to use science and math to hang stuff and he wanted to do it this time. When he hangs a picture you can bet there’s only one nail hole behind it. I guess you could call Jim a “one hole-er”.

(insert joke here) 🙂


No Tony, you don’t live there anymore. 😦

One thought on “Punch List

  1. It’s looking great was wondering where u have been . I’m gonna miss the process of everything going on , what will I do ??😩
    Tell tony don’t go in the street !!!

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