I have some pretty stuff to show off today. There is no theme to these photos. I’m just excited that progress continues slowly but surely.


The laundry room is done. There is nothing cosmic about our washer and dryer. They’re very small and kind of old school.


Kitchen is mostly done. They still have to build the wooden bar on the back of the island. There will be two red bar stools in front.


I like the country-looking valence under the sink. Looks like the 1950’s style.


Sitting room coffee bar turned out so nicely. It will double as a guest room sink for overflow guests. See the bunny knobs?


The dining table chandelier is hung but still naked. Jim will put the crystals on with the white gloves that came in the box! Yes, I will take a picture of that!


The retaining wall has been covered in stone and we think it turned out great! If you zoom in you can see the notches in the top of the wall starting about the second pier. These are where the fence posts will attach later. Jim has some “bracket-thingy” plan to accomplish this. That boy….

And finally…


Porch lights really do say, “Welcome, I’m a friendly little house.”


5 thoughts on “Homestretch

  1. The only thing we can say about your new home is:WOW – simply GORGEOUS !!!Enjoy it completely every day.  👍 🤗Love to you both,   MC & Jer 

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  2. Seriously, that house could not be any more adorable. I CANNOT believe you already have curtains hung!! I have been in my house almost two months and haven’t done that yet 😕 I am so impressed with you and Jim 😁

    • Karin, try not to be too impressed. The curtains were an experiment. They’ve been in the pink house for a year and I decided to try them out in the kitchen. I took them down and ordered some valences with chickens on them. Of course. Plus I don’t put up curtain rods anymore. Haven’t for years! I use those cheap tension rods and no one is the wiser. Feel free to steal all my brilliant ideas. Love you friend.

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