The lot has looked pitiful since construction began, but now we’re pleased with the results of our VERY simple landscaping plan. The first thing we did was hire a great crew to build up the dirt in the yard and lay sod. I highly recommend Southern Landscaping Contracting (SLC) They made a HUGE job look like child’s play.


There’s a nice story behind this great rock. His name is Hudson (think about it…) and he lived at the Yellow House for a decade. Hannah sat on him for three of our Christmas cards.

This is the back right corner of our yard. There will eventually be a privacy fence on top of the retaining wall. Rock Hudson will be the centerpiece of a pretty memorial garden with a small fountain, angel, St. Francis (with bunnies at his feet) plus some flowers and shrubbery. That will probably come much later. For now we are satisfied with the flowers in the front of the house and the lovely green sod.


Notice the stones on the wall???


Delivery from Froggy Bottom.



You’ll have to wait for after. They will probably finish Monday.

And finally, we found a Little Gem Magnolia from Green Thumb Nursery (such nice folks!!!) It is one of the smaller varieties. Since our yard is small we didn’t need a huge tree to overpower it. It will get around 15-20 feet tall.


My sweaty handy man planted it and “adjusted” the sod to his excruciating specifications. He works cheap too.

OK, in kitty news. Miss Tammy has taken over the Hoffman home. She decided she needed to claim poor Sailor’s favorite lounging bowl.


MY bowl!


WHO’S bowl?


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