Wood Floors & Shutters

Our floors are 90% finished. They’ve been sanded and coated with polyurethane twice. The only thing left to do is coat them one more time and then buff to a matte sheen. (not shiny) This they do right before we move in. These planks are reclaimed heart pine. Mr. Bird told me they came from an old cotton gin in Georgia. I love the scars and cracks and holes in the wood.


Master bedroom. Our king bed will just fit between these windows with room for very small nightstands.


View into the sitting room. Notice how the planks change direction as you pass the French doors.


I love, love, love the stairs. The kick plates will be painted white.


This is my favorite part. Top of the stairs right before entering our bedroom. Mr. Bird spent a very long time trying to explain the math/geometry of this cut. I finally told him to save his energy for someone who could understand. Jim would have loved to hear all about it.


It won’t be shiny like this when they’re finished.

So, now on to the SHUTTERS!

I only have a few plantation shutters inside.


Office/guest room. There will be a sofa bed in front of this double window. The full shutters are here because the house next door has windows that can look directly into this room.


Dormer nook. Only half shutters here because unless you can fly, you cannot see into our bedroom.


I know you’re glad we put shutters here!

Now for the best part.


Outside shutters! They work too!



All my appliances have been delivered but not installed just yet. When the washer/dryer came from Lowe’s there was only one guy on the truck and my laundry room is on the second floor! My favorite painter came to the rescue to lend his muscle to the job.


Thanks Robert!




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