Tammy’s Happy Ending

My cousin Merrilu, recently moved from Ohio to North Carolina. I’m happy that she’ll be closer because we don’t get to see each other too often. She reads the KittyBunnyChicken and decided that Tammy needed to join her home. She already has two brain-damaged animals so what’s one more?


Miss Daisy has the crazy look in her eyes, but Merrilu assures me she is a gentle goofball.


Mr. Sailor has a broken/crooked tail so he and Tammy will have physical deformities in common. Her janky ears will fit right into this family.

My cousin and I were joined at the hip in high school. I never met her until 9th grade when she moved to Mississippi from years of living in yankee-land. She stayed at our house so much that my dad started asking her for money at the breakfast table. She never paid up.


We were born only two weeks apart and I always enjoy calling her on her birthday to remind her she’s older than me.

I hatched a plan to meet halfway between our homes for a sleepover and furry prisoner exchange. So we met in a hotel in Greenville SC, went out to dinner, talked about the olden days, and played with our insane kitten.


Can I bwing Pink Tiger?

Tammy is going to live with Merrilu’s son Sam. I call him Edward G. after a 1940s actor who starred in a lot of gangster films. (He looked just like him in his baby pics.) Happily he grew into a very handsome old young man.

samg (002)

OK kid, I’m the boss around here now see?!?

Merrilu’s hubby Jeff is already enjoying the benefits of having a technology assistant on hand 24/7.


I know PAW-er Point!

It sure is quiet around here without her. For some reason, the other cats do not seem to miss her. I know Tammy hit the jackpot with my cousin/friend Merrilu and will have a long happy life with her human and animal family. Thanks pal. Love you much. Deb


Tammy & her Mammy. πŸ™‚



3 thoughts on “Tammy’s Happy Ending

  1. Ohhh,Tammy, you really lucked out. Hugs to you Merrilu. Love the photo of Sam. He is such a handsome young man. Glad to hear, Debbie, that you and Merrilu will be living close enough to create some havoc again. 😘

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