Ode to the Barn Door

OK, so last week I made a snarky comment about shiplap and the ubiquitous barn door.  I should explain…

I LIKE shiplap and I think the interior barn door is not only cute, but a useful design for some homes. Just not mine. You see, if it’s popular and everyone is doing it, I’m probably not going to go for it.  If I have to choose between popular or odd, I’m usually going to go for the odd. For instance the “linoleum” tile in the laundry room and closet. Nobody wants that! But I do. I think it’s weird and retro and cute. Also, we also have NO canned/recessed lights in our house. I have never liked overhead lighting, plus it I wanted my house to look old fashioned. My Memaw & Papa had never even HEARD of recessed lighting. We desired a wood burning fireplace. Who wants one of those these days? There are other things but I’ll stop now.

If you want to call me a “reverse snob” you might be justified. But if you have shiplap and barn doors on every available wall in your house, and if you love the look, then I’m very happy for you. You probably think my kitchen looks like the interior of a circus tent and you’d be right about that too. 🙂

Now for a funny story. After my blog post regarding the above, I attended an open house given by my friends Marcie & Bill. These two are an amazing and talented team of designers and home-flippers extraordinaire! I was excited to see their latest project in a mid-town Montgomery neighborhood. After I knocked, My friend Marcie flung open the door and gleefully informed me that she not only had shiplap, but a barn door too! I deserved that! I smacked my head as she led me to the kitchen to see her creation.


Just lovely

In the future I’ll be more careful about sharing my opinions. I have NO decorating or design training. Jim and I are just flying by the seat of our pants and having fun.

Now for kitty stuff…

Jim is off Ukraine today for a week. He’s going with a team from the US to help their Air Force get back on track. Tammy helped him pack.


Maybe if I’m weely quiet, he’ll accidentally pack me and I can go with him.

And tomorrow Tammy goes to meet her new mommy! Details on this later, but rest assured this little creature is going to have a fun, happy life in Raleigh NC.


Bye Bye sweet Tammy 😦

4 thoughts on “Ode to the Barn Door

  1. Can’t wait to see your house sounds wonderful. Jim is gonna miss Tammy n she’s gonna miss him too. Sad to see her leave . Judy


  2. Oh my goodness. Thank you, Deb – from one lover-of-usable/comfy-spaces to another ❤️
    I understand your feelings about those two overused design terms/features. I have the same barely disguised attitude towards “pop of color” and “open concept”. But shiplap (let’s call it horizontal interior siding) sure works well to cover up outdated wallpaper that won’t come off without ripping the sheetrock to shreds!
    Your blog is my favorite day-brightener. Thank you for sharing your gently quirky and humorous view of life with us, your faithful readers. Love, love, love.

  3. ❤️ You have always been a ‘color WAY outside the lines’ person. Unique, confident, cutting edge is good description. I just ordered a classic red Aubusson runner….for my kitchen. It was one of those, ‘But it spoke to me’, decisions. Plus my daughter, who, like you, is unique in her style, gave her approval. 😘. (and there is free return policy)

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