I Refuse to Say “Shiplap”

Sorry Joanna, I’m very sick of that word. And don’t get me started with the interior “barn door”!


One of Chris’s crew call this “lapping”. I’m fine with that.

So our carport is next to our neighbor’s carport and under storage. I don’t want to look at that and I’m sure they don’t want to look at our cars, so this is a good solution to fix that problem. Plus it will make the back porch more private.Ā  The houses in our hood are all very close together and ours is especially so, since we got a variance to build up to the property line.


View from the back porch. There will be a privacy fence across the open area, so even WE don’t have to look at our cars.


We put some boards on the side of the golf cart bay too. These will be painted white and the shed will be green with white trim. The shed door will be red like the front door.

I got very excited to see the AC units installed this week!


Then I got very “unexcited” to learn that they’re useless until the electrician gets back out here to hook up power to them. šŸ˜¦

The bird family has left the chimney, so we cleaned up the poop and are ready to install this pretty copper chimney cap.


The cap will eventually turn dark green.

Two of my favorite peeps on our building team are these two ladies. They arrive about once a week to clean up the debris in the yard and spiff up the interior of the house. They work super hard and are both animal lovers so we always have a lot to talk about.


Kat & Janet

Janet has been working with GT for fourteen years this week! Happy Anniversary girl!

And in the never-ending battle to control water flow on our lot, we had even more pipes installed in the yard to connect with the French drain.


Thanks John!

We will have catch basins in three areas of the yard which will eliminate the need for gutters. I’m not a fan of the “gutter” look and Jim devised this evil plan to make me happy. Yes, I know I don’t deserve him. Shut up!



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