Kitten & House Stuff

Another great title for the books! 🙂 So here is the Kitten stuff…


I smell like cookies

I found a forever home for this baby and she’ll be making her journy north next week. Details in another post, but trust me, Tammy is going to live with a very nice lady who is almost as crazy as she is!


Jim will miss his little study buddy.


I don’t think she smells like cookies.

And I could not resist including a picture of our diva kitty relaxing on the porch.


Not very lady like Rowdy!

On to the house stuff…

We have bird poop in our fireplace!


A mama bird has made a nest inside the chimney. We have a lovely copper chimney pot to put on top but we have to wait for this little family to vacate. After they’re gone, no critters will be able to get back in.

Another un-lovely picture for you.


No this is not the Home Depot Warehouse.

As if the Pink House were not crowded enough with four fat cats, two humans and one tiny little terror, we’ve been storing our stuff for the new house in the living room…and on the back porch, and in the carport, and in the bedroom.  Since the pantry is basically finished we put a lot of this in there to get it out of the way. Jim put locks on exterior doors so the boxes don’t “walk away”.

Jim finished the floor of the closet at the top of the stairs and it looks great.


Poor baby. I really should pay him more.


Pretty right?

Big things happening this week! Air conditioning, landscaping, more plumbing and finishing the storage room/carport! Woo Hoo! Homestretch!


2 thoughts on “Kitten & House Stuff

  1. Oh my gosh more green Love Love It😁. Poor baby Tammy she’s bonded with jim . Oh I wish you could keep her moma just one more won’t matter . Jim’s gonna cry 😢. Love, Judy


  2. House looks amazing, I love all the interesting tiles, so cool. Good idea on the door locks. I just found my self uncontrollably googling “how to get away w squatting”. Foiled again! 😜

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