Tama taught me that word. But I think she got it from Archie Bunker.


Don’t worry, there WILL be a shutter on this window!

This is the upstairs potty room. Just inside the door are shelves for essentials…books, TP and a place for Mulder to sit. He enjoys potty time with Daddy. If you tell Jim I said this I will deny it.


Love this downstairs bathroom so much! We were going for a 40s vibe. The bead board is so pretty.

I was home all week visiting my parents so when I got back they had done so much new stuff!


Bill, Peg and her favorite child, Taco. πŸ™‚

So here’s all the goodies!!!




More stairs!


Carport shed!


Pantry door!


Laundry room floor!

OK I call this linoleum tile, but that’s not really what it is. It’s commercial vinyl tile we ordered from Home Depot. The official name is Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) The store stocks the boring colors (white, tan, black) but if you search the site for the commercial stuff they have about 50 different colors to choose from. We thought this burgundy/white combo would look great next to our bathroom floor. AND IT DOES! The laundry is directly off the bathroom with no door. Just the door frame so we wanted something fun to look at since we would always see it. Want to know the best part? Jim installed it. πŸ™‚ He looked at a couple of YouTube videos and voila! Jim is not just a trophy husband. The boy can do stuff!

We are aware that it’s weird to have “linoleum” in a modern day house, but we think it’s funny, strange, unusual, and surprisingly pretty. We’re also going to have a large closet done with some green stuff. Stay tuned.

Now for the Tammy news…

She grew a foot while I was gone! Well, it seemed like it.


Not quite a foot, but jeeze!

Jim had to cut a little notch in her litter box entrance for her tummy.


Mulder still can’t get in though.

She’s a happy, sweet little hellion who torments Mulder day and night. Plus she has a new favorite pastime to keep her busy.






5 thoughts on “Terlits!

  1. Amazing all the unique colors ( love the burgundy in laundry room floor) textures (vinyl laundry room again), recycled (wood flooring) and unexpected items (pantry door)you incorporated in this small house. πŸ‘ ❀️

  2. I always enjoy reading your post . Yep now that’s a big toilet … just saying . I LOVE LOVE your colors and design on everything And green being my favorite color makes me want to just move in . Tammy is keeping Mulder entertained . And she has grown . She has bonded with moma n daddy πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ˜


  3. Apparently linoleum can be described using the same adjectives we use when talking about the Burlingames- funny, strange, unusual, and (not) surprisingly pretty 😁

  4. Love , love , love the tiles above your stove ! My eyes wanted to sweat a bit when I read the story of how you chose the scene!
    Love you , dear one !

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