House Stuff

See, I told you I had run out of titles. 🙂

So here are some of the updates on the Green House.


All of the closet shelving is completed and I love how Bobby came up with some creative solutions for the slanted ceiling.

The fireplace is completed except for the mantle. The hearth is made from slate tiles. Zoom in to see how the tile guy managed to put all the colors together. I love this. I wasn’t here when he was doing this or I would have driven him crazy with my “suggestions”. He got lucky on this day.


I think the slate looks good with the brick too.

The wood floors are done except for sanding and staining.


Looking into the sitting room from the bedroom.


Looking into the office from the living room. I love how the boards change direction in each room.

The kitchen is coming together nicely. We did a pretty good job of matching all the wild colors.


More on the mural next time.


Pantry door finally arrived. I love the smokey glass.

We found some crazy Spanish tiles online and decided to install them on the back of the island bar just for fun. No, they have no meaning, and they don’t even really match, but they make us smile.


See the DAY OF THE DEAD (Mexican Holiday) skull fourth from the left? The lizard? Well we just love lizards. 🙂

A wooden bar will be built on top of this with stools for guests to watch the master chef (Jim) cook in this crazy kitchen. No one will ever hire us as decorators. That’s for sure. The house is not “tasteful” by regular standards, but a couple of people have called it “cheerful” and “happy”. I can’t think of a better compliment.

With all the construction going on, we’ve piled lights, plumbing fixtures, ceiling fans etc. all over the Pink House inside and out. If you visit us there you will feel like you’ve walked into a tiny Home Depot. Rowdy discovered this little mirror today and enjoyed looking at the BEAUTIFUL new kitty in the house.


Das one pretty kitty for sure!

Oh Wowdy. 🙂



5 thoughts on “House Stuff

  1. I wish more people used the “they make us smile“ barometer when redecorating and building. 😉

    (Also love the shot of Miss Roddy Piper.)

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