Tammy Part Five

It is a universal law of physics that kittens attract little girls. Tammy is no exception. Two of my neighbors came over to meet my sweet foster kitten and a good time was had by all.


Kitten Smitten

Miss Chapel & Miss Maryn had a really fun time chasing Miss Tammy and talking baby talk to her.


Tammy even found a way to play hide and seek with the girls. 🙂

Tammy has assimilated into the Burlingame family. Tony only occasionally hisses at her and the fat lady cats tolerate her presence.


Look Mommy! Sammy is letting me drink from the Big Kitty bowl!

I managed to solve one annoying problem this week that only foster kitten parents can relate to. Tammy has her own litter box in the bathroom because I don’t want her to have to use the one for the big kids. Her poops are tiny and cute (trust me) and the grown up kittes…are not! I like to keep hers separate but that is a problem with the other cats discover the new box and think “Oh GREAT I can have a choice for my pooping pleasure!” Sooooo…I invented a trick to thwart the unwanted invaders by taping a piece of cardboard across the opening that leaves only a tiny entrance at the bottom for a small kitten. Plus I put a warning sign on it for good measure.


Now if I can just teach Mulder to read.

Now comes the shameless begging. SOMEONE PLEASE STEP UP AND GIVE THIS KITTY A FOREVER HOME! Two possible options have fallen through. I have two more possibilities but I’m still hoping to find her a home in our neighborhood so I can watch her grow up. This is a very, very special kitten and she has carved a place in our hearts like no other foster baby we’ve ever had. I mean, just LOOK at her!


PWEASE adopt me!

Hey, I’ll even throw in the pink tiger!

2 thoughts on “Tammy Part Five

  1. A few years ago, when we trying to sell our house, a couple came in to look….and they had a little girl with them about 9 years old. She saw my Bluepoint Siamese and immediately said, “That’s the one, mom! That’s the cat I always wanted.”
    As they walked around the house, my cat walked right by that little girl the whole way.
    When the family came into my music room, the little girl sat down and said, “This is going to be my room, and this is going to be my cat.”
    As soon as she sat down, my cat curled up happily in her lap–and then the little girl said, “Does the cat come with the house?”
    Her mother said, “NO! We did NOT come here to get a cat! The cat does NOT come with the house.”
    I then told the little girl, “I got this Siamese cat from the Siamese Rescue Center which is only about 35 minutes from here. They do have other cats that look just like this one.”
    “Oh no! Don’t encourage her! We don’t need a cat!!”
    Long story short, they decided that they did not want the house.
    BUT, I think they needed a BluePoint Siamese cat!

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