Wood Floors

We decided we wanted to spurge on reclaimed heart pine flooring before we ever began planning the house. I’ve seen it in a few houses in our ‘hood and it looks so warm and welcoming. Plus, I like the idea of having a floor with a history. Ours came from a cotton gin in Georgia. It’s at least 100 years old and it has a lot of character.


They cut off the jagged edges so it can be installed evenly. But they leave all the nail holes and imperfections.

They got started yesterday and we’re so pleased with the results so far.


Sitting room off master bedroom


“Nook” in front dormer, master bedroom.


The boards change direction at the top of the stairs leading to our bedroom. I LOVE this!

I leave you today with a picture of Tammy and a tiny creature that hatched while we were visiting my parents this weekend.


Are you a chicken “nugget?”

This little chick was only an hour old. I waited til he had dried off and had some time to get warm under the heat lamp before this photo shoot. Tammy was very gentle and she just touched him and smelled him for about a minute before I put him back. All my kitties have had experiences with chickens and now Tammy is no exception. 🙂



Now comes the time for the shameless begging! I had a possible home for Tammy lined up but it fell through. I am thinking of two of my very close friends who might step forward and offer her a home. (Marcie, Merrilu?) I can’t keep another kitty. I have four now and my fostering capabilities diminish the more cats I keep. Her injuries are almost well and she is scheduled for her “surgery” this week. I will bring her to you even if you live far away. Tammy is special. Not just because she survived a horrible ordeal, but because she is sweet, funny, smart and cute. Not all foster kitties are a joy to us. Some are major pains in the butt-hocks, but this little girl is a wonderful little cat. She needs a GREAT family who will appreciate her and love her to pieces.

I await the onslaught of offers. Lines are open. 334-207-9561

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