Tammy Part Four

Jim and I went home this weekend to visit the parents. We have an excellent pet sitter but decided that little Tammy should come with us to Mississippi. We had no idea if she would be a good traveler or not.


She was. 🙂

She had her litter box, food & water in the car and she behaved better than any of our other cats do when we travel. Once home we kept her up on our room with the door closed mostly because she’s so tiny and our parent’s house is so big. We didn’t want her to get lost, plus my mom has a dog named Taco who’s in the house all the time. We had no idea how she would react to  him. She did take an immediate shine to Daddy who has a LOT in common with animals.


He smells funny.

She met my sweet cousin Julie Kay who takes care of my parents during the week.


Dis lady is so nice!

Tammy had her little cubby bed and she relaxed and enjoyed being in the room even when no one was holding her.


Upside down kitty! Look at those little paws.

Jim always has a GREAT time when we go home to Purvis. Usually he does plumbing or drywall or electrical projects but THIS time he got to use a chainsaw for the first time ever.


“What I did on my summer vacation”

After we got home Mr. Mulder gave her a much needed bath to get all that Mississippi stank off her.

IMG_E0278 (2)

Gotta make you smell like an Alabumah kitten!

So here’s a little teaser in house news. Our reclaimed heart pine flooring arrived on Thursday. It’s being installed as I write this.

IMG_0280 (2)

We’ve got WOOD!

(Insert joke here)

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