Tammy Part Three PLUS KNOBS!

Now THAT’S a weird title! First updates on little Tam Tam. She found a colorful friend among my Beanie Baby collection and she thinks he is the perfect companion.


He lets me bite him all I want and he never fights back!


He doesn’t make fun of my wonky ears either.

Tammy had to visit the vet again last week because she had an infection on one of her ears. The road rash tore her ears pretty bad and one spot wasn’t healing. The doc took a piece off the end of her ear and we apply antibiotic ointment twice a day while it heals.

Mulder has taken a shine to her and he keeps trying to pick her up like a mommy kitty and carry her around the house.


Stop it Mulder! You are NOT a mommy! Poor guy has gender identity issues.

The good news is that her broken bone in her leg has grown back together and she is running and playing now. Whew! 🙂

Now on to the house stuff. My kitchen in 80% complete. I got to watch the cabinet guy put on all my KNOBS yesterday! Why so excited? Well, my knobs are pretty awesome. (Did I just say that???)






Kitties (of course)



And drum roll please…




Mr. & Mrs Chicken

There are more, but these are my favorites. The bunnies are upstairs on the coffee bar cabinet doors. 🙂

I’ll save the rest for tomorrow. I know your excitement level can’t take much more so I’ll stop for today. Thanks for looking.



7 thoughts on “Tammy Part Three PLUS KNOBS!

  1. Skeeter got me following you when you had bunnies, because I am THE crazy rabbit lady. I’ve been worried about Tammy and am so glad she is improving….even though I am NOT a cat person.😂 I don’t blog, but I bore people on facebook with rabbit stuff. Leslie


    • Thank you Leslie! Nice to meet you. I’d love to hear all about your bunnies. I miss Buster so much. I miss Skeeter too. Freind me on FB please so I can follow your bunny posts. Deb

  2. Mulder has a new best friend gotta keep tam tam mulder will be sad if she leaves plus she’s been thru so much mommie u just gotta keep her to be sure she has the best life ever . She deserves that!!🥰 I have 4 inside and it works !!😻😻😻♥️

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