Tammy Part Two

We took Tammy to see Dr. Glasscock on Monday and she got a thorough examination. After an X-ray, Dr. G determined that Tammy had been struck by a car. Her leg was broken, she had bruising on her head and her ears had not been “chewed on” like I suspected–it was road rash from being scraped on the highway. God bless the little girl! I wonder how she was still alive after all that? She weighs one pound and is estimated at around 6 weeks old.


Zoom in to see her pitiful ears.

She’s too young for surgery and Dr. G determined that if we keep her relatively confined and treat her very gently, her little bones might grow back together. She limps slightly when she walks but does not seem to be in pain. In fact, she has the sweetest personality and will sit quietly in our laps for hours purring loudly.

She met another Burlingame kitty who was curious but not too friendly to her. Rowdy has never been maternal toward any of our foster kittens, but she doesn’t act aggressively at all–Just bored.


And you’re here because????

I had high hopes that Tammy would love me best for once. All of our animals have always chosen Jim over me except for Roger the Wonder Hamster (2005-2008). Roger was my pal and enjoyed my company above all others. Jim says this is because Roger had a very tiny brain. 😦


Dis my favorite.

As you can see, Tammy is smitten by the furry human.


Can I pwease stay here?


Jim do you HAVE another shirt?

The good news is that Tammy will probably recover fully. She may walk funny for the rest of her life, but she is fine with that. She loves to eat, she loves human companionship, she’s sweet and very cute. I know one of you lovely people will help her find a home after we have ensured that she is ready for adoption.

So anyone wanna see some new house pictures???


Finally poured the carport and driveway!


Master bath paint color-Sherwin Williams, Ramblin Rose. This is also the color of the laundry room.


Master bath pink granite counter.


Sitting room coffee bar, looking into master bedroom. Sherwin Williams-Naples Yellow


Close up of the coffee bar. Rain Forest Green. Not a true granite. It’s a natural stone called “serpentinite”. Google it. 🙂

Come back in a couple of days for one-stop-shopping at the Burlingame Home Decor Center and Kitten Rescue Ranch!



3 thoughts on “Tammy Part Two

  1. Jim you just have to keep her she needs you
    She’s SPECIAL !!! If I didn’t have 6 I’d take her
    but i really think she need Jim most of all . She loves him . She really deserves the best after all she’s been there and only you can give her that !!!😊so glad you saw her when u did . Judy

  2. Cried reading about lil Tammy’s life so far. I hope she has only purrs from now on. Loving the house photos. The tile work in the Master Bath reminds me of Mondrain’s later work. (His art even influenced women’s fashion in the 60’s) yep, I had a dress that was so inspired. 😊

  3. Sure hope your gonna have an open house Can’t wait to see it finished . Tammy has bonded with Jim tell Jim he needs to keep his baby she loves him .


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