Rescue on I-85!

Is this title too dramatic? Read ahead and you tell me…

So we’re driving back from the Atlanta airport last evening. It was getting dark but still light enough for Jim to see a small creature sitting on the berm of I-85. He was certain it was a kitten. I was not. Why would a tiny kitten be on this busy highway? I thought it must be some other kind of woodland varmint like a rat or possum. He was going 75 mph and he screeched to a stop on the side of the road, backed up to where he last saw it and jumped out of the car. He again saw it for a moment, then it disappeared. There were cars zooming by and huge 18-wheelers barreling down beside us. While I searched the median, certain that I would find no kittens or any other live animal, Jim searched all around the car. Then he scrambled under the Subaru with a flashlight. Guess what he found up in the frame?


Meet Tammy

I could not believe my eyes. We got her in the car and I held her while Jim drove another hour to get home. She was screaming bloody murder the whole way. I turned on the light to check her out and she had no serious or obvious injuries. The only thing I could tell about her condition is that she was verrrrry skinny and the ends of her ears were apparently chewed on.

As soon as we got home I made her a little kitten hotel suite in our bathroom. Jim crushed up some of our cat food and gave her a dish of water and a makeshift litter box.


Kitty Klub Med

We both held her a lot after we unloaded the car and got ready for bed. We were pooped from our trip, the plane ride, and the roadside rescue adventure. She sat in our laps and let us pet her and then began purring loudly. Eventually we put her in her little cubby-hole. She cried a bit more, then finally fell asleep.


I so HUNGWY! Nom Nom Nom

This morning when I went to check on her, there was a tiny kitty pee & poop in her litter box. What a smart baby! We put her in bed with us while we drank coffee and read. She was perfectly content. Mulder came up to say Hi, but seemed unimpressed. He will warm up to her later and become sweet “Uncle Mulder” as always.


You smell like “interstate”.

We were trying to think of a good name this morning. We were exploring a few themes regarding highways, evasion, rescue, danger, bravery, etc. And finally Jim asked me to mention some “cute southern country girl names.” He’s a Yankee you see, so this doesn’t come second nature to him. I rattled off Dolly, Bobby Sue, Jolene, Dixie, etc. When I said “Tammy” he stopped me. “That’s it!” Who knows what goes on in that boy’s mind, but TAMMY stuck.

She has a vet appointment today at 2:00 and I’ll run by the store for some proper kitten food. I guess we have a new baby for a while. We’ll keep her until she can be spayed and until she’s had all her shots and meds. Meantime, I hope I can find a great home for this little warrior. Please consider adding to your family, or at least sharing this story with friends who might.

Do I have lots of new stuff to post about our house? You bet! But this is Tammy’s day, so you’ll have to check back later for info on the Green House. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Rescue on I-85!

  1. “You smell like Interstate” Ha ha ha ha!!! My next door neighbor kitty is named “Freeway” for a similar reason. I am so glad you are both safe after that harrowing rescue- and SO happy for Tammy!

  2. Oh wow! How fortunate for the little fur baby! You guys are amazing! Tammy is a sweet name and she is a beautiful little girl. Amazing! Wonderful! 💕💕😄💕💕

  3. How in the world did that baby end up on the interstate ?dont even want to think about it Poor baby sooooo glad y’all came along when u did . You saved her life 👏you should keep her .

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