More Drywall!!!

I mean really, can you ever get enough? Seriously!


Standing at the front door looking toward the back wall. The dining table will be situated in front of the French doors.

The kitchen is the large area to the far left, and the door opening beside the kitchen is the downstairs bath.


Downstairs bathroom. Both baths are the width of the tub. Big enough, but no wasted space.

Next to the downstairs bath is a room we call “The Office”. It will act as a guestroom as well, but our computer and book case will be in this room, as well as a sofa bed. Not really a “guest” room, but we can make you very comfy here if you wanna have a sleepover.


French doors separate this room from the living room. Sofa bed will be against the back wall with small end tables on either side.

I LOVE this picture! It was taken from the far corner of the kitchen toward the front/left side of the family room.

Our TV will be in the corner to the right of the fireplace. This way I can make you a nice snack and watch cartoons with Rowdy without having to leave the kitchen. πŸ™‚


Great job Jim! Mission Accomplished. I love the pretty arch too. That was not in the original plans. Thanks Chris!

I gotta say, the guy who actually SANDS all this sheet rock EARNS HIS PAY!Β  He’s been doing this for three days and he finally finished this afternoon. I hope he has a great Independence Day tomorrow.

Here’s a picture of the back of the house. It’s still messy and confusing back here, but GT’s clean up crew (Thank you Janet & Kat!) really cleaned up the inside and outside of the Green House and it looks so nice.


There will be a storage room and golf cart bay attached to the left of the car port. It’s hard to visualize how it will fit, but trust me, It’s gonna look very cute.

If you’re wondering about this little area under the stairs, it’s probably not what you think. This is the “kitty room”. The only stuff in here will be kitty food, supplies, water bowl, and of course the dreaded litter box. They’ll have their own little cat door to go in and out. You may not be able to tell from the picture, that’s a very small door opening. (6 ft.) We found a funky antique door at a flea mall.Β  Jim cleaned it up and put a varnish on it for protection. He even found some antique hardware for it and I bought an old porcelain doorknob for a finishing touch. It should be very cute despite the less-than-cute usage for the space.



You may be asking, “Why a whole room for cats???” Understandable. But we do have four and we love them. Their stuff is messy and this is a good way to hide it. PLUS…


Rowdy made certain demands.

And this girl usually gets her way.



5 thoughts on “More Drywall!!!

  1. it’s really looking good debbie can’t wait to see the finish product . just let me know when i can move in . lol i LOVE LOVE GREEN !!!


  2. Rowdy, love that belly. What a lucky kitty, indeed…a new room just for kitty supplies and litter boxes.
    Deb, I adore that arch in the dining area. Good to see it all coming together.

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