Who Knew Drywall Could be so Exciting!

Well it is! OK, so this might be super confusing, but I’m going to try to walk you through our master bedroom, now that the walls are up. A little explanation first…

Jim and I decided to make the upstairs sort of like a nice hotel suite–main bedroom, sitting area, master bath, etc. We’ll also have a little mini-bar in in the sitting room where we’ll watch movies in our jammies and have beverages at night and coffee in the morning. The laundry room is just off the master bath too for ultimate convenience.

So we’ll walk upstairs and down a little hallway to the entrance of the room.


Our king bed will just fit between these casement windows with room for small end tables on either side.

The door you see to the right will be a pocket door to the bathroom. You might be able to see a closet door on the left. This is where the HVAC unit is housed, plus there is a bit more room for storage.

Now as I’m standing there, I look to my left and see a little dormer area. These windows look out the front at the Pink House. We’ll have a little fainting couch here and a coffee table. It will be a nice place to read a book or cuddle with a cat. πŸ™‚


The center window is stationary. The sides are casement windows that open out.

OK, so I’ve turned around to face the bedroom entrance. Now I’m looking at the entrance to the sitting room. Our TV will be in here and a fancy futon (no seriously, they actually do make some really cool futons these days). The opening will have French doors. There will be a cabinet against the right wall with a mini-fridge, coffee pot, sink and a mirror. We’re having a small cabinet made for glassware, coffee mugs and other necessities.


This room will be an extension of our bedroom, but when we have overflow company it will serve as a comfortable guest room too.

Look thru the room and you can see a separate entrance for guests. The French doors to our bedroom will have curtain panels on them so they can close for guest privacy. The only drawback to this guest area is that they will have to either use the bathroom downstairs or come thru our bedroom to use ours. So who ever stays here will have to be a close friend or family member who would be comfortable hearing one of us snore. (Guess who?)


A closer peek into the sitting room.

Futon will go in the nook. There will be just enough room on either side for end tables with lamps. Secret storage closet to the left of this and beyond view is one of the small dormers poking out the back of the house. There’s also a clothes closet you can’t see with more secret storage behind it.

I’ll show the bathroom and laundry room in another post. It’s so fun to walk around and see actual walls and imagine our furniture in the house!

So here’s a cute picture of my mommy (Peg Peg) and Rowdy. She and my sister, Bob came for a very nice visit this week.


I’m the prettiest right?

Here’s a nice view from the front porch of the Green House.


Think PINK!

And finally…


Exterior painting basically done.

The only other additions to this will be a honey colored stained porch and stairs, plus shutters matching the color of the door.

Stop by and wander around inside. It’s getting really fun now!

4 thoughts on “Who Knew Drywall Could be so Exciting!

  1. What wonderful plans! Can’t wait to see it all put together. You’ve got skills, darlin’. No kidding. πŸ’•πŸ˜Š πŸ’•

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