Happy Happy Joy Joy

OK, only super cool peeps will know where this title came from! (Ren & Stimpy-circa 1995)

Anyway…it’s definitely reflective of my mood at the close of construction yesterday.  Chris’s crew finally lowered the porch rails six inches and they look so nice. The height fits the scale of the small house, plus when we sit on the porch we can see the lake without having the rails in the way. Here’s the before and after:






Yes the difference is subtle, but notice that the the original height rails intersect the windows and the lowered ones fall just below the window trim. That bugged me so much. Am I crazy? Yes, but that’s a whole other issue. Plus notice they painted the underskirt! I love how the green colors and the red door look together. We’ll also have working shutters on the two front windows and they’ll match the door.

When we’re finished, the house will have “cartoon” colors and look much like a storybook cottage. They say that the older we get, the more our eyes appreciate bright and varied color. By that rule, I must be 147 years old. Thanks for following. I’m having way too much fun.

3 thoughts on “Happy Happy Joy Joy

  1. Yes, to the new height on the porch rails. I’ve always loved houses with a red door….and know your shutters will look super in that color. Will you name this storybook cottage?

    • The Green House. It seems in keeping with the Yellow House & The Pink House. We sometimes call it “The Death House” because well breathe our last there. At least that’s the plan. Love you both much!

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