Please Be Patient!

Debbie, out house is not the only one under construction at the Waters! (Said Jim about 100 times this week). OK, I’m trying to be patient, but dang it, I’m ready to move in! So here are all the things that have happened so far this week.


More paint.

But as you can see part of the metal roof is off (they had to remove it to finish the chimney) and THEY STILL HAVE NOT LOWERED THE PORCH RAILS!  (Breathe, Debbie breathe). It’s all good. It will happen. Just not on “Debbie time”.

Janet & April worked hard cleaning up the construction debris in the yard and believe it or not, this looks a lot better!


Side yard and retaining wall.

We’ll have sod here, and a small tree. The cinder blocks will be covered in stone that will look a bit like this.


I took this picture by a beautiful house in our neighborhood. I’M COPYING YOU KATHY & EDDIE!

They’ve completed the electric, plumbing and HVAC too, but that stuff is so boring to me. Here’s a picture if you’re just DYING to see the lovely wires and vents…



I’m finally happy with how the back of the house is coming along. There has been a ton of junk in the carport and behind the porch, but it’s been cleaned up quite a bit and I can see how it will look a bit better now.


I wanted to drive my Subaru under the carport for fun, but Jim wouldn’t let me because of nails. He’s such a tyrant!


I’m taking this pic from our neighbor Tracy’s driveway. We will have to cut his knockout roses way down when we build the fence and put stone on the retaining wall, but I’m sure they’ll grow back. I’ve tried to kill knockout roses and it just can’t be done.

Ta Ta For Now! Next week…SHEETROCK BABY!


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