I’ve Got the SHAKES!

We wanted our house to look “cottage-y” so of course we had to have some cedar shakes on the dormers. They finished the front last Friday and we’re more than pleased with the results!


So Shakey!

They look great but don’t tell anyone that they’re FAKE! Some of the houses in our hood have real cedar shakes and they look so pretty, but the fake kind that come in strips are made from that durable Hardiboard material. Chris installed them in a random pattern and if you didn’t know it, you’d think they were real. Well, maybe not, but it’s pretty close.

We’ll also have them on the two small dormers in the back of the house but the area over the window is so small they’l hardly show up at all. Since we plan to paint the shakes a slightly darker green than the body of the house, they’ll show up nicely.

Chris’ crew also finished installing all the windows and framing them. Plus the siding is almost completely done! It’s looking so cute now!


So this is the view from the Pink House porch by the end of the week.


Ta Da!

The tech wiring guy, the floor guy and the cabinet/granite guy all came at the same time Friday morning, but between Jim, our builders Gary & GT and little ol’ me, we got everything discussed and covered. I talked to the floor guy since that was the easiest. “Um, put some pretty wood here on…the…floor?” Actually there was a bit  more to it, but I managed to convey our plan. the next big things now are the metal roof, and THEN THEY CAN PAINT THE EXTERIOR! YAY!!! I need to lie down. Until next week. 🙂

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