Plumbing & Windows & Doors, OH MY!

We saw some real progress last week at the Green House. The plumbers began doing what they do and it was way over my head. Here are few pics of preliminary plumbing work.


Oh my beloved soaking tub! How I have missed thee.

And this scary monster is upstairs next to the potty room. This blue and red spider is the mega brain of the system. He and Mr. Water Heater share this little area.


Plumbing is kinda boring to me, but hey, it’s one step closer to finishing so that’s good. Now on to something really fun…WINDOWS!


The sitting area in our master bedroom. A very cute view of the Pink House from here.

IMG_6384 (003)

Taken from the back porch looking at my kitchen sink window.

For those who know me well, you’ll understand that I have used great restraint to refrain making a joke about the Russel “Do It” Center. I’ll leave my many friends with unclean minds to make their own.

Only one of our kitties enjoys the construction process. Tony is master of all he surveys. We’re thinking of getting him a little kitty tool belt.


Dis my house!

Rowdy, however is constantly looking for places to hide from the big scary men with the loud tools.


I should be safe in this linen closet!

The exterior of the house is starting to look friendlier with the windows installed. The small dormers in the back remind me of eyes.


I see you!

And as of last Friday this is how the front looked.


Sa-Weet! 🙂

One thought on “Plumbing & Windows & Doors, OH MY!

  1. I love Rowdy’s solution…..wake me when the noise stops and it’s all over! Love your view of the lake. Soothing.

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