Slow Week

The framers were only here one day last week, but I do have a couple of new additions to our house that made me pretty happy. I had a wild idea to put an arch between the kitchen and dining room but was unsure how big of a deal this would be. Often changes or additions are impossible after framing has begun, but Chris created this in about 20 minutes at a nominal extra cost. I think it’s going to make a nice feature and will look great after the drywall goes up.


So, this view is from me standing in the dining room looking into the kitchen.  There is a pantry on the left and my kitchen sink window on the right wall. There will be an island in the center just under the archway. It’s hard to visualize with just a bunch of studs but maybe you get the picture.

As of this moment, ACME brick is installing our fireplace and Chris and his crew are installing my front steps. Needless to say, I’m a happy girl today. New pictures to follow tomorrow. 🙂


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