What a Difference a WEEK Makes!

A lot of stuff happened to our house this week. The framers worked on the dormers and back porch and it was fun to see the house take shape.

Ten ft. back porch with hipped roof.

The back is almost cuter than the front. I love the little dormers.

Tongue & groove underneath. GROOVY!

Michael & his crew came back to pour the foundation for the wood-burning fireplace.

Up goes the frame for the carport.

And this is how the front looked at the close of the work day.

Jim and I are very happy about the progress this week. The only grumbles in the Burlingame home came from two kitties who are upset that my blog has been taken over with construction updates. Mulder and Rowdy miss being the focus of the KITTYBUNNYCHICKEN, so here are two cute pictures of them.

Mulder’s favorite position. He’s such a weirdo!

Princess Rowdy always finds the softest spots in the house for her plump little bod.

Stay tuned for house and kitty updates! I’m having way too much fun. 🙂


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