I’ve Been FRAMED!

The framing for the new house began this week. This is the most fun part so far because I can see it really take shape. There’s a new crew working now and some of them are quite familiar to me. I mentioned that Michael (the guy who made the piers and retaining wall) is a quiet reserved person. He’s very focused on his work and not prone to chit chat.

THIS guy–Not so much. 🙂

I’ve known Chris for over 12 years. He framed my yellow house way back in 2007 and he built a carport/storage shed & fence for the pink house in 2014. Chris is talkative, funny and can tell a naughty joke or two. I like his company and we’ve developed a good rapport over the years. He explains things when I’m confused (often) and he has great patience with me hanging around, taking pictures and asking questions. I was stunned at how fast the crew installed the sub-floor on Wednesday.


View from the back of the lot

From this vantage point you can see our yellow house and our pink house. (this one will be green)

Then yesterday they began FRAMING!!!


Today I might get porches! After nearly 18 months of planning, roadblocks and glitches, the Green House is finally happening. I’m a very happy camper.

Drive by and say howdy. I’ll be perched on the Pink House porch watching the show. 🙂

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