We’re Going to Build a Wall…

And MEXICO is going to pay for it!

Unfortunately negotiations with Mexico fell through so Jim is going to have to foot the bill.  Seriously, we are building a retaining wall on our lot before construction on the house begins. There are lots of reasons for it, but the most important is that it will level our yard and make it easier to manage water. Plus it will be pretty! Here are two pics of what we’re aiming for, but on a bigger scale. I just found these on the interwebs.


Instead of actual bricks/stone, we’ll use cinder blocks for stability and later cover them with stone facings.


A little more like this but along two edges of the entire lot line.

An added bonus will be that the water problem for our neighbors to the right and rear of us will be lessened. (but not solved) To fix the water flow for my down hill friends we’ll have to figure out a drain that will also be constructed during the leveling of the lot. See, I told you some of this stuff would be boring. Anyhoo…we are so ready to get started and are still waiting on approval from our ARB and Pike Road planning. This is taking waaay longer than I expected but meanwhile we are enjoying life in the Pink House.

Some more than others. 🙂


Feeling relaxed Miss Rowdy?

5 thoughts on “We’re Going to Build a Wall…

  1. Deb,
    We find the new house blogs VERY interesting. Jerry says he’s just glad we R not getting ready to start building anything at R age.
    So, we will just enjoy hearing about your adventure.
    Love, MC

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