If You Build It…

OK, I don’t have a punchline for this, but you can fill in the blank. I have not created a blog post in a very long time. Since the KITTYBUNNYCHICKEN is mainly about my animal adventures, I’ve had little to say lately. My last kitten fostering gig was mostly wonderful, but there was some heartache during the experience too. That, plus the fact that we moved into a 900 square foot house with four fat cats makes fostering near impossible these days.


No room at the inn little dude!

But we’re about to start a project that will be fun to document and I am going to use my blog for that. No law says it HAS to be about Kitties, Bunnies or Chickens right? So here goes…

For two years now, we’ve been planning our new house and we think we may be within weeks of breaking ground. It has not been easy to get to this place. I think the process of trying to adopt a Martian baby would have been less complicated. When we built our yellow house in 2007 it was a fun, stress-free (mostly) experience for us. Many people who build a house together have lots of stories of disagreements and fights, but Jim and I were 90% on the same page with our thoughts. He drew the house and we got a designer to make blueprints from our ideas. Then we hired a builder to make it a reality. His name is GT and he and his partner Chris created our pretty yellow house that we have lived in for eleven years.

In fact our house was the last one completed by this team, since sadly, Chris died shortly afterwards. (They also built the Pink House that same year, although at the time it was not pink.) GT later partnered with another builder (and a childhood friend of his), Gary. They’re the builders who have been at the Waters the longest, and it was a no-brainer deciding who we wanted to build our new house.

Step one of our evil plan was to sell or rent the Yellow House, move into the Pink House and begin building the Green House. (I like color) 🙂 The location is perfect since I can sit on my front porch now and watch the progress. Here is the lot we’ve chosen.

The lot is very small and weirdly shaped in the back which made designing the house a challenge. We just wanted to make a small (around 1400 sq. ft) cottage with a little back yard and simple, pretty landscaping. I think Jim did a great job (with a bit of help from me) I plan to document the whole process. Some of it will be boring, but you’re welcome to come along for the ride. I do hope all the big obstacles are behind us and we can begin the Barbie Dream Home very soon.

I always wanted one of those. 🙂

10 thoughts on “If You Build It…

  1. Glad to be hearing about your new and exciting project. A Dream of any kind is worthy of a blog. I know this will be a fun ride. My only change would be to have this Barbie Dream Home built on a property close to zip code 22152. But, in this I’ll affirm your dream and dream along with you. *please still show kitty photos, too*

  2. Boring? I don’t think so, fascinating is more accurate. Joe and I do NOT have it in us to attempt a project like this so I will very much enjoy following along on your adventure with you!

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