…And Then There Were None

I took my kittens to the shelter yesterday. Soon they’ll get their surgeries and shots and go to the kitten room to find a forever home. This foster situation was new to me. I’d never had a cat give birth in my house before and I was happy to have hard-working mama to take care of the babies. My only real job was to take care of Midnight.


You won’t believe what just happened to me!

I trapped her March 5th and ten days later she gave birth to five cute kittens. We named them Sheba, Blackjack, Misty, Shadow and Ashley.  After the babies were mostly weaned, Midnight and Shadow went to their forever home at the Butterfield farm and sanctuary. I kept the remaining four babies until they weighed enough to bring in. Miss Tayunia was there to welcome them and prepare them for the next step.


We meet again my friend! 🙂

I will share some final photos of my cute babies. I will miss them, but I know they will have a happy future with their new families. The workers and volunteers at the Montgomery Humane Shelter are my heroes. Think of them when you’re in the mood to make a charitable donation to a VERY worthy organization.


Ashley & Sheba take a sweet nap.


Some days you just need to take a nap with a monkey puppet.


Mommy, we have a situation!


My pal Andrew has a weakness for kittens and wine. Smart guy!

I highly recommend the experience of kitten fostering. I’ve been doing it for 8 years now and I can’t imagine stopping. For now we just have four fat couch potato cats at home and one more batch of pets that I’ve been keeping on the down-low for a while. Want to make a guess what they are?


Shhhhh…Don’t make a “peep”


The babies have almost made weight. They go to the shelter on Monday. I am still able to adopt them out from my house until then. Here are a few photos to entice you to take one of these little puff balls into your heart and home.


Misty & Ashley

It’s kind of funny how my two gray babies stick together most of the time. These two little girls have sweet, shy personalities. They love to play and they enjoy falling asleep next to the HU-mans.


Blackjack & Sheba

These two little hellions tear around the house like they’re on fire. Miss Sheba will be a long haired beauty. She’s super lovey-dovey and she’s the softest thing in our house. (Unless you count Rowdy’s tummy). Mr. Blackjack is our only boy and he feels firm and tough like he has muscles. He chases all the dust bunnies in my house (there are many) and he’s super-playful and crazy.


United Colors of “Kittyton”

They all love each other and will be sad to leave the first home they’ve ever known. The shelter does such a great job of finding forever homes for these babies, but I selfishly would love to adopt them out to a neighbor. Won’t you consider it? Burlingame-raised kittens come with a grade A+++ seal of approval. Guaranteed happiness or your money back!


Come by for a test drive while they still have that “new kitten smell”.