And Then There Were Four

Midnight and one of her babies went to their forever home today! My kitten helper Miss Victoria Butterfield will be her new mommy. She named her gray baby Shadow.


You’re a lucky kitten Shadow!

I’ve been able to move the remaining four kittens downstairs to my normal kitten nursery, (The Office). They are acting shy and wondering where mommy went but otherwise they are eating their kitten chow and using their box like good little kids. Before Midnight left the house this morning, I took a final picture of her with her little bunch.


Calgon take me away!

I gave Victoria a choice of all the kittens, and instead of choosing the sweetest and friendliest, she chose the shyest and most scared. I asked her why and she said that this kitten will need her mommy more than the others. I choked up a little. What a thoughtful, sweet girl. I would have chosen the most fun kitten, but we all know that my soul is a dark place.


It’s OK Shadow. Go with the nice young lady. 🙂

Midnight and the kittens have had lots of visitors and they enjoyed playing with the neighborhood kids. But of course, their favorite was Jim. This is always the case. He must smell like an animal. Or maybe it’s because he’s so “furry”.


What am I? Chopped liver?

So I’ll have the babies a few more days and then I’ll have to take them to the shelter to get shots and surgeries. I’m sure they won’t last too long in the kitten room because they are so cute and sweet. I would love it if some of my neighbors would take one (or four) off my hands before they go. Come by anytime for a test drive while they still have that “new car” smell. 🙂


24 hours old. March 16th, 2018

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