One Month Old

The babies are officially one month old today. They’ve started eating grown up cat food and pooping in a proper litter box. These are great milestones for Mama Midnight. Now she gets to rest a little bit instead of constantly cleaning and feeding the little pester-heads.


King of the Kitty Kondo!



Is this the world?

We’ve started letting them explore the house a couple at a time. We put them in the bed with us in the mornings to get used to new places.

And of course the visitors just keep coming!


My new young pal Anna Grace.


And my two “old” pals, Betsy and Wendy. Ladies you look 20 years younger holding those kittens!!!


These guys will be ready to go to the shelter in about two weeks. I already have a home for Midnight and one of the gray babies. The rest are up for grabs! HINT, HINT!

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