Kitten Kountdown 2018!

I was fairly certain that Miss Midnight was labor yesterday. Both Jim and I tried to pet her and she hissed at both of us. I kept trying throughout the day to give her some love, but she was having none of it! Then later in the afternoon two little kitten whisperers came by to see the expectant mommy.


Miss Victoria and her pal Erica


I told the ladies that Midnight was very grouchy and she might not want to be petted. But guess what? As soon as she saw these two, she came out from under the bed for a 45 minute love fest. She was purring and rubbing on these sweet girls and acting as happy and calm as could be. So I guess she’s just very picky about who she likes! Well! Jim and I must be chopped liver!

These little scholars looked up the signs of labor in cats and let me know that there are three main indicators. She gets very affectionate, she eats a lot and she tries to hide. Well, she’s eating like a Wildebeest, she seeks affection from nice young ladies and she’s hiding the very best she can. I guess it won’t be long now!


Leave me alone. I’m gestating.

While I have your attention, it’s never too early to start making a plea for a permanent home for this sweet little mama. As soon as she can travel, I’ll take her to the shelter to register with them and get any shots she may need. Of course I’ll bring her back until her babies are ready to be on their own. I never have trouble adopting out kittens, but my main goal is to find a permanent home for Midnight. Our guess is that she was abandoned by her family. She does not show signs of being a stray. She’s skittish but not feral. Someone loved her for a little while and then put her out. This little unwed teenaged mother is doing the best she can and she deserves a loving home after her motherhood duties are over. Spread the word please!

5 thoughts on “Kitten Kountdown 2018!

  1. Your place has been Kitten nursery, home for unwed mamas, a hospice and a haven for many other needs of animals. I nominate you for whatever prize is issued for selfless love of creatures.

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