“Caternity” Ward

The last time I posted on the KittyBunnyChicken, the story of Little Tommy Butterfield came to a happy end. Was this really in December?


Robert and Victoria Butterfield with their newest family member.

However, my kitty adventure with this sweet little family was destined to continue. Robert posted on our neighborhood FB page about an abandoned pregnant kitty who was hanging around his house. She was easy to pet, but no one could pick her up and he was worried about her delivering babies under his house. Miss Victoria was happy to give this sweet little cat affection and love and she soon grew attached to her. We made a plan to trap her and get her to the Burlingame Kitten Farm so she could have a safe place to have her babies.



Wow, this food is all for me? And a soft bed?


The nursery is in an unused guest room. We keep the door shut so our four kitties won’t stress her out. They sniff under her door like they know something is up!

She is a beautiful little girl and a kitten herself. She’s small everywhere except her tummy which is very full. Her “faucets” also look like they’re ready to feed an army of kittens so we expect the event very soon. Jim was skeptical saying, “I don’t know nuthin’ ’bout birthin’ no kittens!” but I assured him that this little lady would do all the work and we would just be there to keep her happy, and fed.

Miss Victoria named her Midnight and she was very concerned about her. She’s already been to visit three times and we hope she comes every day! Midnight loves her and she is the only one (so far) who can pet her and show her affection.


Two sweet little “Mammas”

Victoria is a very kind little girl and she had lots of questions about fostering kittens. She asked if she would be there for the birth and her dad said he would even get her out of school for the big event if it happened during the weekday. I’m not sure I want to watch, but I intend to make everything as pleasant as possible for the new little family. Stay tuned for KITTY MANIA! I’ll keep you posted.


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