And so THIS Happened

IMG_E5064I got to hold a baby Ewok!

I’d love to say that Mama Kitty trusts me now and that she let me grab a baby, but no. Victoria HANDED me this little guy. Hey, I’ll take what I can get. Her dad Robert took this picture. Look at his tiny little claws and his pink mouth and nose! I’M MELTING!!!

The kittens are one week old today and their little eyes are just opening. The fun is just about to begin!


…And the Cuteness Continues

So yesterday the dynamic duo came over to manhandle my kittens!


Erica & Victoria-Kitten Whisperers for hire!

And of course yours truly STILL CANNOT GET NEAR THEM!


This kid is in LOVE!


Two Handfuls of love

The babies are getting active and they are growing and wiggling a lot.


Very sweet and tired mama!

So later that evening Jim and I went up to the kitten nursery DETERMINED to play with some kittens! Jim was able to sit near Midnight and pet each kitten. He did not try to pick them up. I tried to pet them and she hissed and growled at me. Hey girlfriend! Who do you think runs the show around here? Oh right, YOU do. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Cuteness Update

Well the little fuzz balls are five days old now and neither Jim nor I have been able to get near the kittens. Mama Midnight has turned into a fierce guardian and she hisses and spits and makes advancing motions when we try to even look at them! I decided we just have to let these hormones take their course despite the fact that I’m DYING TO GET MY HANDS ON THEM! And then…


Three gray and two black bundles of joy!

A very persistent little girl decided to take her chances with this wild cat and she begged to come see the babies. I agreed, but only if her dad came too and stood guard in case she was in danger of being mauled by a tiny black panther.


Brave Victoria!

This 10 year old cat whisperer was able to not only pet Midnight, but she was allowed to touch her tiny babies too! Her dad, Robert and I watched in wonder. Midnight didn’t hiss or make any aggressive moves toward her at all. Robert tried to pet her and she did hiss at him. I went back downstairs and let Victoria and her dad spend some more time with the kitties. As soon as I got downstairs he sent me THIS!


Do you like my baby Miss Victoria? Aren’t they nice?

This was so amazing to me. Midnight just let her hold her baby while she smelled him and purred. She seemed so proud to show them to her friend. I’m still not allowing folks up to the room to visit the babies yet. It’s too dangerous to let little kids around a protective mama just yet. Victoria does seem to be the exception however. ๐Ÿ™‚

Two hours after Robert and Victoria left I went upstairs to give Midnight her evening soft cat food. She tried to take my eyeballs out of their sockets. Grrrrrrrrr…



This video doesn’t exist

Mamma Midnight and five babies all healthy!

What a good unwed-teenaged-mamma kitty! We had put a rug under the bed for her to deliver on, but of course she chose the beige carpet. No worries. Carpets can be cleaned. The babies are all black! They’re nursing sweetly. This is going to be so fun!

I’m a grandma! ๐Ÿ™‚

Kitten Kountdown 2018!

I was fairly certain that Miss Midnight was labor yesterday. Both Jim and I tried to pet her and she hissed at both of us. I kept trying throughout the day to give her some love, but she was having none of it! Then later in the afternoon two little kitten whisperers came by to see the expectant mommy.


Miss Victoria and her pal Erica


I told the ladies that Midnight was very grouchy and she might not want to be petted. But guess what? As soon as she saw these two, she came out from under the bed for a 45 minute love fest. She was purring and rubbing on these sweet girls and acting as happy and calm as could be. So I guess she’s just very picky about who she likes! Well! Jim and I must be chopped liver!

These little scholars looked up the signs of labor in cats and let me know that there are three main indicators. She gets very affectionate, she eats a lot and she tries to hide. Well, she’s eating like a Wildebeest, she seeks affection fromย nice young ladies and she’s hiding the very best she can. I guess it won’t be long now!


Leave me alone. I’m gestating.

While I have your attention, it’s never too early to start making a plea for a permanent home for this sweet little mama. As soon as she can travel, I’ll take her to the shelter to register with them and get any shots she may need. Of course I’ll bring her back until her babies are ready to be on their own. I never have trouble adopting out kittens, but my main goal is to find a permanent home for Midnight. Our guess is that she was abandoned by her family. She does not show signs of being a stray. She’s skittish but not feral. Someone loved her for a little while and then put her out. This little unwed teenaged mother is doing the best she can and she deserves a loving home after her motherhood duties are over. Spread the word please!

“Caternity” Ward

The last time I posted on the KittyBunnyChicken, the story of Little Tommy Butterfield came to a happy end. Was this really in December?


Robert and Victoria Butterfield with their newest family member.

However, my kitty adventure with this sweet little family was destined to continue. Robert posted on our neighborhood FB page about an abandoned pregnant kitty who was hanging around his house. She was easy to pet, but no one could pick her up and he was worried about her delivering babies under his house. Miss Victoria was happy to give this sweet little cat affection and love and she soon grew attached to her. We made a plan to trap her and get her to the Burlingame Kitten Farm so she could have a safe place to have her babies.



Wow, this food is all for me? And a soft bed?


The nursery is in an unused guest room. We keep the door shut so our four kitties won’t stress her out. They sniff under her door like they know something is up!

She is a beautiful little girl and a kitten herself. She’s small everywhere except her tummy which is very full. Her “faucets” also look like they’re ready to feed an army of kittens so we expect the event very soon. Jim was skeptical saying, “I don’t know nuthin’ ’bout birthin’ no kittens!” but I assured him that this little lady would do all the work and we would just be there to keep her happy, and fed.

Miss Victoria named her Midnight and she was very concerned about her. She’s already been to visit three times and we hope she comes every day! Midnight loves her and she is the only one (so far) who can pet her and show her affection.


Two sweet little “Mammas”

Victoria is a very kind little girl and she had lots of questions about fostering kittens. She asked if she would be there for the birth and her dad said he would even get her out of school for the big event if it happened during the weekday. I’m not sure I want to watch, but I intend to make everything as pleasant as possible for the new little family. Stay tuned for KITTY MANIA! I’ll keep you posted.