Mr. Tommy Butterfield


Robert, Victoria and Tommy Butterfield


Maybe you can’t see it, but there are tears in her eyes. 🙂

This guy is my neighbor and friend. He lives just around the corner from my house. Tommy was a surprise for his daughters Victoria and Elizabeth.



I have no doubt that Tommy is going to be the most loved, spoiled kitty in our neighborhood. He has already had two trips to Pet Smart to pick out a food bowl and a comfy pet bed.


Too Cwazy!



This has been a long journey. I’ve never kept a foster kitten for this long. Tommy spent the first few weeks of life as a sick little guy and we struggled to get him well and happy. He weighed only 9 ounces. I will miss you Tommy boy. I know you found the perfect home!


November 5, 2017

4 thoughts on “Mr. Tommy Butterfield

  1. I have a few tears in my eyes as well. You are the best, Debbie, and that neighbor of yours is pretty great, too. Thank you for sharing Tommy’s story with us.

  2. I love happy stories and happy endings. This was such a great one! Just think – all that work you went through paid off big time for such a helpless little kitty. Please pat yourself on the back. You’re the best. But I already knew that. His eyes are so blue – wow

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